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| 8 April 2016 | Reply

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Label: Independent

Release Date: April 5, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest from Toy Called God caught me way off guard – based on the name and disc photo, I was expecting something too heavy, too dark, and too black.   Instead I was served eight tracks of heavy rock with sides of melody, riffs, and great vocals.  Disc opener “False Prophet” starts things off with a heavy bottom end that brings a classic metal sound and mixes it with some killer solos and riffs.  The vocals are well suited to the music and the bass lines from Dustin Phillips help drive the tempo after the bridge.  “Drop On The Pile” offers up Patrick Donovan’s chugging guitar riffs wrapped around heavy handed drums and pounding bass lines.  The vocals join the mix and blend nicely with the guitars, especially at the chorus.  “Numb In A Bottle” brings a different sound and feel to the disc, but one that showcases the vocals of new singer Marcus Lance.  The rhythm section anchors the track and allows the guitars to show off a bit at times.  “Push Me Down” is another solid track that leans on heavy bass and drums, giving the guitars and vocals room to run at times, and reeling the tempo and texture in at other times.  The cadence of this track gets the foot tapping and the head banging.

“Justice” opens with some cool drum beats and fills from Paco D’Rocker and grows in sound when the bass and guitars kick in.  The vocals have a cool layered sound that fills the speakers as the chorus comes in.  “Warning Shot” takes a left turn for these heavier rockers and delivers a modern sounding rock radio track, with chugging riffs and pounding rhythm that swirls around vocals that soar at times and drop in tone, but not quality at other times.  The guitar solo at the bridge marries different sounds and influences, but stays true to the discs sound and feel.  “Shackled” brings a sludge-like feel to the disc without compromising the groove woven through the other tracks.  The heavy guitars march along under the vocals, but step up at the bridge and breakdowns.  Closer and title track “Dirt On your Coffin” gets the head banging and blood pumping.  This track brings together some of the different vibes, sounds, and rhythms from the other tracks and wraps them up in one package.

​​​​Tracklisting: False Prophet – Drop On The Pile – Justice – Numb In A Bottle – Warning Shot – Push Me Down – Shackled – Dirt On Your Coffin






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