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| 1 March 2016 | Reply


Label: Friday Music Inc.

Release Date: February 5, 2016

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It’s not often I will sit through a disc of blues material, but as I work my way through tax season, the latest release from The Paul Nelson Band is actually a good disc to keep the flow and day moving along.  “Down Home Boogie” opens the disc and we are instantly treated to a chugging guitar and rhythm section that are punctuated by the lead vocals and several guitar solos from Paul Nelson.  “Keep It All Together” follows and delivers more blues riffs and a cool vibe that both lean more to blues than rock, but are still a great blend of the two styles.  The solos at the transitions and bridge give this song a bit of punch.  “Cold Hearted Mama” is a great song that, while rooted in blues, has a fun rock groove woven through it, especially when the Chris Reddan’s drums are moved up in the mix at the chorus.  The solo at the bridge is one of the best on the disc.  “Root To All Evil” has great riffs and chugging sounds to open the disc, but swiftly shifts gears and becomes a foot stomping blues track that highlights the guitar work and vocals.  “Come With Me” runs down the line of rocker and blues track, with both genres presenting themselves, but the layered vocals that pop in at the chorus bring a heavy soul-filled southern rock vibe to the track.  “Trouble” is another track that benefits from great rock guitars blended with blues-filled vocals, and a steady rhythm section that keeps this song in line and on track.  Morten Fredheim’s vocals on this one stand out as some of the best on the collection, making this one of the better songs here in my opinion.

“Goodbye Forever” brings a swampier sound to the disc and swerves from the more rock-driven groove of other tracks.  The vocals are rich and help deliver the vibe of the song.  “Please Come Home” is a good blend of blues and rock, with a cool jazz groove thrown in for good measure.  Nelson’s guitars on this one add depth to the sound and mix well with the vocals at the chorus.  “Swamp Thing” slows the pace of the disc down without stopping the flow of bluesy rock riffs and vocals.  The lower register of the vocals at the verse draw you in and hook you before the chorus hits.  The rhythm section anchors this track well from open to close.  “Out Of Time” throws caution to the wind and comes off as a great rock track with a few blues chords tossed in for good measure.  The song runs heavy on rock with fiery solos and a heavy-handed bottom end from the drums and Christopher Alexander’s bass.  “Fooled By Love” really showcases Fredheim’s vocals, especially at the chorus.  The guitars, bass, and drums are a perfect supporting act for the vocals and provide a steady track.  If you aren’t convinced on this one the strength of Morten’s vocals, there is no hope for you!  Disc closer “Take It Back” charges at you from the first note until the last, delivering more of a chunky rock vibe than a blues track, but there are hints of the latter in the mix.  This one got my foot tapping kept me interested, even prompting me to start the track over when it ended.

​Tracklisting: Down Home Boogie – Keep It All Together – Goodbye Forever – Cold Hearted Mama – Please Come Home – Root To All Evil – Swamp Thing – Come With Me – Out Of Time – Trouble – Fooled By Love – Take It Back





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