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| 22 November 2012 | Reply

Directed by Sean Anders
Starring Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg and Leighton Meester
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Ugh – not another goddam Adam Sandler movie?!??!

Look – he always plays the same character, and you know it!  Only the flimsy premise and the level of obnoxiousness varies (it’s pretty high here!), but he makes millions of bucks – so what the hell do I know?!?

Sandler “plays” Donny, who got his teacher (later played by Susan Sarandon) pregnant when he was an early teen.  Fast forward some years and Todd (the product of this blissful union, played by Andy Samberg) is about to wed his very straight fiancé.

Todd and his Dad haven’t seen each other for years, and after doing a crappy job raising the kid (full back NKOTB tattoo which warped as the kid grew older!?!), Donny is met with disgust and horror rather than open arms on the eve of the straight youngster’s wedding.  It doesn’t help that Sandler is there to make a few bucks from a reality TV deal, either.

Surprisingly, Sandler’s crassness and the banality of the subject matter don’t detract from the charm of many of the characters – even a hilarious extended cameo from Vanilla Ice is self deprecating and fun, if a little scary at times.

I found myself actually laughing at this film – something I rarely do when Sandler is involved – though I must admit it was despite his presence rather than because of it!

Overall, not a bad film, one with enough laughs to make it a decent DVD hire.

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