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| 26 June 2014 | Reply


Label: Universal Music

Release Date: May 19, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Power pop punk seems to be on the rise lately, and the latest from Hedley is no exception to the rule.  “Anything” opens the disc with a chorus that will elicit different responses, but the biggest takeaway from this track is the diverse sounds that are combined to create the track.  The dance beat, along with rap-style lyrics and the different vocal textures immediately show the depth of these guys on this release.  “Crazy For You” is a straight ahead pop rock track that features a funky bass line, different guitar riffs and sounds, and a catchy chorus.  This track is a left turn from the opener, but a great track that reflects the bands true sound.  “I’ll Be With You” is a fun track that combines different pop and punk sounds with a mellow rock vibe that takes over the track and morphs into a strong track at the chorus.  “Mexico” is a different track compared with most on the disc, as it features a darker sound and an erratic groove from the rhythm section.  “Dreaming’s For Sleeping” brings a cool dance beat and pop sensibility to the table, along with vocals that give the song a lighter feel than some of the other tracks.

“Headphones” brings an electronic sound to the table, reminiscent of the opening track, while the beats and dance groove is stronger on this track, while the chorus will get hands moving in unison from side to side in a live situation.  “Pocket Full Of Dreams” is a mellow track that has a laid back sound  that builds lightly through the verses.  The song benefits from the vocals, which are rich and layered just right with the musical accompaniment.  “Heaven In Our Headlights” is a great track that combines a ballad-like intro with a pop/punk infused verse and chorus.  The song doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that is what makes it as strong as it is.  Title track “Wildlife” is a chill track that highlights the piano/keyboard and vocals.  This song adds depth to the already multi-layered disc, in that it demonstrates that sometimes less is more.  “Got Love” is more punk and pop than rock, but the song is a nice addition to the other tracks and seems to mesh well within the fabric and makeup of this disc.  “All The Way” is another ballad-like song that spotlights the vocals and piano, while also giving the bass and drums to step out of the shadows.

The deluxe addition includes four more tracks that lean more to the mellow side, but would have fit just as well anywhere on this disc, including “Top Of The World.”   “Beautiful Girl” is a piano-track that morphs into a cool song that blends the guitars with the rhythm section and vocals.  “Parade Of Rain” is guitar driven, but the drums and bass provide a bottom line that direct the track.

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