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LIVE: Hoodoo Gurus, Dandy Warhols and The Rinehearts, Perth – 23 Sep 2022

| 27 September 2022 | Reply

LIVE: Hoodoo Gurus, Dandy Warhols and The Rinehearts, Perth – 23 Sep 2022
Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth – Friday, 23rd September 2022
Review & photography by Pete Gardner

41 years ago, almost to the night, Le Hoodoo Guru’s played their first gig. Four decades later the
band now known as THE Hoodoo Gurus closed their pandemic-delayed 40th anniversary tour for a home coming show at the wonderful Belvoir Amphitheatre, nestled in the heart of Perth’s Swan Valley.

The Rinehearts

Early comers to the show settled on the amphitheatre terraces in the cool spring air, complete
with picnic blankets, mozzie repellent and overpriced wine, and were treated to opening act the
Rinehearts showcasing their brand of well-crafted rock/pop tunes ahead of the release of their
second album next year. Only on stage for thirty minutes The Rinehearts quickly won over the
crowd, warming them up nicely for the Dandy Warhols.

It was a rare privilege to see the Dandy Warhols live, as they don’t grace Australian shores as
often as we would like. The Dandys played an excellent laid-back set, starting with Godless from
their Breakthrough album Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, and concentrating mostly on their
earlier work, with the exception of STYGGO from 2016’s Distortland.

The Dandy Warhols

I do love the psychedelic sound of the Warhols, with Zoe McCabe doing an excellent job on the
Keys and sounding very Floydish in places. Brent deBoer occupies stage front with the drum kit, instead of relegated behind the band as is usually the case. deBoer has that other rare skill seen so rarely, as he can drum and sing at the same time.

As soon as guitarist Peter Holmstrom and frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor hit the instantly recognisable opening bars of Bohemian Like You the crowd has filled the floor of the amphitheatre and are enthusiastically singing along. Finishing the set with Boys Better from 1997’s The Dandy Warhol’s Come Down, the stroboscopic light show does its best to trip everyone out with sensory overload. As the set ends it feels like waking from a strange trance as reality seeps back in.

After a short break allows the crowd to come back down to earth, The Hoodoo Gurus finally take
the stage for the last night of the 40th anniversary tour, and they do not disappoint.

Hoodoo Gurus

Many bands with the longevity of the Guru’s seem to become their own tribute act, gleefully recycling the hits of the past – and tonight there were plenty of those – but played as a celebration of their career, rather than resting on laurels. This was obvious as they played plenty of tunes from the new album, Chariot of the Gods, the newer tracks stacking up very nicely against the older material,
and proving that Dave Faulkner can still write a decent tune.

Faulkner himself, resplendent in a shiny silver shirt, is in fine form and fine voice, his vocals and guitar work as good as they ever were, and only the obvious lack of hair suggests the passage of time. Faulkner does admit at one point he has had a recent chest infection and was worried about hitting the high notes on My Imaginary Friend, but without his admission no one would have been any the wiser.

Real standouts in the set included I Want You Back, the band tight and professional, showing their
40 years of experience without seeming lacklustre or tired, and the new title track Chariot of the
Gods. Flying saucers soared above the stage as the band spun their tale of alien invasion,
complete with warlike tribal drums from Nik Reith, and Richard Grossman powering along on

Guitarist Brad Shepard showed his harmonica skills on Poison Pen, and took on the vocal
duties for I Come From The Future, before showing his great touch on the guitar during Bittersweet.
Closing out the set just as rain started to threaten, Miss Freelove ’69, 1000 Miles Away and I
Was A Kamikaze Pilot were a joint exercise in sheer joy, with Faulkner obviously enjoying every

Le Hoodoo Gurus

After the mandatory short break the band return to a huge cheer, launching into the classics Be
My Guru, What’s My Scene, and finally hitting warp speed with Like Wow – Wipeout! Just as everyone thinks it’s all over, the band have one final surprise to finish the night, bringing on stage James Baker, Roddy Radalj and Kimble Rendall, the original Le Hoodoo Gurus, for a brilliant, if not
slightly chaotic rendition of their first single Leilani.

After the show was twice postponed due to lockdowns and covid restriction, turning the 40th
anniversary tour into the 41st, this really was a night worth waiting for. And if the band can
continue doing what they do best, hopefully there are many more of the same to come.

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