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BOOK REVIEW: ALL ABOUT ME – My Remarkable Life In Showbiz by Mel Brooks

| 22 June 2022 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: ALL ABOUT ME – My Remarkable Life In Showbiz by Mel Brooks
November 2021
Rrp $39.99
By Shane Pinnegar

Imagine being sat down comfortably with your favourite uncle, and being told warm, interesting and often hilarious stories about his life. That’s exactly what All About Me is all about – except your uncle is comedy and cinematic ground breaking legend Mel Brooks, and those warm, engaging and often hilarious stories are all about his childhood, time spent as a GI in World War II, his early days as a comedy writer, and the many classic movies he made.

It makes for a fascinating read – though don’t come in expecting any muck to be raked: Brooks holds on tightly to his dignity throughout – yes, even when describing fart jokes from Blazing Saddles – and makes it very clear that this book is about “My Remarkable Life In Showbiz” (as the under-title proclaims) and not a tell-all expose.

He does break from that restriction on only one major occasion: to talk about the loss of his beloved wife, Anne Bancroft, who passed from cancer in 2005.

The rest of the tome goes into great detail about the making of every film from The Producers (and, much later, the Broadway smash hit based on it) through to Robin Hood – Men In Tights, and for comedy or movie buffs, it’s a treasure trove of both interest and reminiscence.

Thanks, Uncle Mel.

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