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THE DEVIL RIDES OUT – Ugly Creatures EP launch with Chainsaw Hookers/ Forstora/ Troll

| 23 July 2013 | Reply

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Friday, June 28th, 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Originally published in X-press Magazine’s 3rd July 2013 issue

Devil Rides Out EP launch

The Devil Rides Out had new EP Ugly Creatures to launch and long time drummer Royce Uyens to farewell, keeping any sadness at bay by sheer ear-bleeding musical tonnage that left ears ringing well into the next day.

Troll were first to assail the crowd, bringing their stoner metal onslaught all the way from Geraldton, before Forstora delivered a hardcore uber metal punking mad frenzy. I have no idea what Denis Radacic was singing about, but fuck – he and the rest of the band sure meant it.

Chainsaw Hookers guitarist Jon Russo joked about sounding ‘easy listening’ after Forstora’s mayhemic set, but fear not, there’s nothing mellow about this whirlwind of denim, beers, shredded guitar strings and beards.

The best Hookers in town rock hard no matter whether you stand in the punk or the metal camps, Never Sleep Again,, Deathproof, Blood Moon Rising, Texas Is Hell and a red raw Party Man all rip the crowd a new one, before a raucous and brutal cover of KISS’s Love Gun seals the deal and leaves Amps gasping.

The Devil Rides Out hit like a tornado, awash in blood red light for the stoner-dirge of Black River. Sabbath riffs tackle swirling stoner grooves while Uyen beats seven shades of shit out of his kit for the last time.

Singer Joe Kapiteyn presides darkly over the crowd and steers The Devil into uncharted waters with an intensity that reaches into the soul, and when he adopts Jesus Christ pose and half growls half screams “Oh my God you Ugly Creatures” from the new EP’s title track, you know he’s talking about us all.

Tom Waits-channelling The Righteous Walk is a drunken swagger of a song, Johnny Cash turned to osmium, before a couple of really early tracks send Royce off in style including the boogie metal of Action Figure and This Is Your Life.

Devil Rides Out live review - Xpress


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