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INTERVIEW: CAMERON TAYLOR of Secret of Boris – March 2015

| 6 March 2015 | Reply

Not sure who Secret of Boris is?  Do yourself a favor and find out – these guys have put a cool twist on rock and roll and merged different styles and influences to create a killer new disc, coming out March 10th in the US.  We somehow managed to get lead singer Cameron Taylor to answer a few questions for us…

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Toddstar: Thank you so much for taking time out for us today, we really appreciate it.

Cameron: No man, thank you.

Toddstar: Well, let’s talk about what the big Secret of Boris news.  On March 10, you guys are releasing Your Ghost.  What can you tell us about the album that fans might not grab first or second listen through?  How long has the material been floating around stewing in the bands creative juices?

Cameron: There are many layers and harmonies going on throughout; musically and vocally. So, I would say take some time with record, and listen all the way the way through because there are some surprises in there.

Toddstar: Now when you went in to do the recording, how much of the music was complete and how much did the music morph while in the recording phase?

Cameron: The songs were written over a period of a few years. Some went through several changes and some stayed pretty much the same from incarnation. Once we got in the studio, our producer, Alex Gerst, really helped develop a lot of the melodies on my part, and helped with some feels of the other songs.

Toddstar: I love the sound of specific tracks.  I love the groove of “Desert Blood,” but also the tribal rock feel of “What You Became.”  On the other end of the spectrum you have tracks like “The Difference” and “What Have You Done” which seem to be heavier lyrically.  At the risk of asking you to pick a favorite child, do you have any tracks that you keep going back to?  Are there any of these songs that you still get excited about when you listen to them?

Cameron: Thank you. I still get excited listening to the entire record. It’s really difficult to do, but if I had to pick one I’d say, “The Watcher.” I love how haunting it is, and also because the choruses and bridge are so huge.

Toddstar:  Listening through the disc, are there any songs that you think will go over really strong live and become a constant in a Secret of Boris live set?

Cameron: Just like the record has peaks and valleys and goes in several different directions, our live show does as well. We have really high-energy moments, and then moments of calm, and then back again. So, we’ll definitely keep some of the calmer stuff in there to keep things interesting for the audience, and for us.

Toddstar: The album has a seamless feel from song to song to song. It gives everybody the feel of the groove and the vibe that you guys create. You guys have a sound that is prevalent and runs through every song. Were there any songs that were really hard to write or finish?  Alternatively, did any songs seem to write themselves and flow naturally from idea to finished product?

Cameron: “Lost In A Daze” is the oldest song on the record, and one that we finished writing pretty close to the end. Originally, the verses were much more driving and they just weren’t working. Gerst asked us to revisit that idea and see what we could come up with, and ultimately that kind of Latin feel is what we decided on, and it works so much better. Also, the ‘Yeahs’ in the bridge were the very last thing I recorded. Everyone was there in studio, which they usually weren’t, but everyone was excited because it was the last day of recording. I was tired, and my voice was tired, and I just wanted to be done, and everyone was getting on my nerves. But I kept pushing myself because I knew it was going to come out cool if I could just get it right. We finally got the takes you hear on the record, and I’m so glad we did, because it might be my favorite moment on the record. On the other hand, a friend of mine sent me a text one afternoon, and I immediately sat down and wrote “Something Else” in about 30 minutes, lyrics and all. It hasn’t changed much since.

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Toddstar: The sounds are different, but as I mentioned, the groove and vibe are similar from track to track.  How did you go about setting the tracklist to give a cohesive feel to the disc?

Cameron: We wanted the album to have peaks and valleys, and take the listener on a bit of an adventure. So we chose the songs based on that concept. If the album is a roller coaster, the short pause at the beginning of “Virus” is the train at the top of the first hill about to drop, and the end of Your Ghost is the train pulling back into the get for you to get off. Of course with this album, you can ride as many times as you like.

Toddstar: Let’s talk about touring a little bit. Any big tours lined up to bring this material to the masses?

Cameron: There are some things in the works that will be released as soon as they are confirmed.

Toddstar: Let’s talk about you for a minute Cameron.  Who influenced you to the point you wanted to get behind a microphone and do this for a living?

Cameron: The first rock band I ever got into was King’s X. I loved the chord progressions, and layers, and harmonies, even though I didn’t know what those were at the time. From there I really got into Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains, and then what really started to influence my writing were Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative and Rammstein. I love the integrity and unique quality that all of those bands have. With how dark they are, it amazes me how beautiful some moments can be. I think we’ve achieved a similar balance.

Toddstar: On the next tour, there you go. Let’s say you were at a venue and you left your phone behind, or whatever you listen to music on. What’s the one piece of music that you’ve bought or downloaded, that some of your fans think is way left field for the lead singer of Secret of Boris?

Cameron: I am a HUGE Morrissey fan, and therefore, The Smiths, of course. So they would find his entire catalog.

Toddstar: If there was one song that you could talk the guys in the band into covering. Something that you would love to put your stamp on, what would it be?

Cameron: I’m not sure. We’ve done some covers in the past, and every time we cover someone we definitely make it sound like one of our songs; with mixed results. Some we’ve done for years, others we did once, and that was maybe too many times. Haha.

Toddstar: If you could look back at your life, what would you most want to be remembered for?

Cameron: Our third record, because that means I’ll have gotten to make three records. Unless the record ends up terrible… wait I take it back…

Toddstar: Looking at things around you, the new disc dropping, and hopefully a big tour to spread the music around, for you right now Cameron, what’s the meaning of life?


Cameron: To enjoy everything that’s happening, because it’s a busy time but it’s a great time. Also, because I’m so busy, it’s important to remember to take breaks and hang out with friends and loved ones, and to appreciate that time that you have together.

Toddstar: Again, Cameron, we really appreciate you taking the time out for us. We look forward to the day we can rock out together here in Detroit!

Cameron: Thanks man! We’ll be there as soon as possible!






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