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Label: Independent

Release Date: May 14, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Sometimes when a guitarist in a band decides to release a solo disc, you never know what you are going to get.  In this case, you can guess, as this isn’t this guitarists first rodeo, so to speak.  “Lights Go Down” kicks this one off and is different from what I expected, but is good enough to keep me from removing the disc from my player.  The vocals and guitar work are good and work well together.  “Not Too Late” has a different feel than the previous track – less ethereal; more grounded.  The guitars are simple and effective.  The vocals again play well in the track.  This is a good one-two punch to start the disc with.  “Song For You” brings more of an Americana-country feel to the disc, but that isn’t a bad thing.  The vocals seem to really be geared for this genre.  The guitar work is great on this track and the rest of the band is getting more solid as the disc runs on.  “Treasure” combines all of the components from the previous tracks, but leans heavier on the mellow vibe like the first track.  The piano is moving, almost eerie, but it works with the ghostly vocals.  “Ex-Lover” has a cool early 1970’s radio ballad feel to it.  The guitar work is really good and keeps the track light.  The song, although mellow in nature, chugs along and adds another dimension to the disc.  “The Longing” features guest vocals from Grace Potter, the leader and namesake of Scott’s day-job band.  This song leans a little heavier on the country vibe, but this isn’t twangy by any means.  The song has a great groove to it that is complimented by the vocal duet.

“Demons” brings the energy level back up and keeps the album moving along.  The guitars and vocals again mix well, but the harmonica that plays faintly in the background really grabs your attention and prompts you to listen for other sounds within the song.  “Stand By You” opens with a cool guitar riff and some great percussion.  The vocals kick in and help drive the track.  This disc has really allowed Tournet to stretch a little and do things he may not be able to do otherwise.  The guitars dig in a little harder as the track progresses and makes this one of the better tracks on the disc.  “Here In The Morning” has a different feel to it from the first strands. The song has a bit of a western feel to it – not country, just something with a bit of a different twist.  The vocals reel this back to fit the rest of the disc, but the music is different and adds depth.  “Here All Night” helps the disc come full circle and has a very ethereal feel to it.  The majority of the guitars take a back seat on this track and, while present, don’t stand out against the vocals.  The slide guitar is prominent and adds a nice touch to the track and disc.  “Crawl Back” has a cool bluesy feel in the guitar intro that builds nicely through the track and helps bring the disc to a close.

Category: CD Reviews

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