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| 8 February 2022 | 1 Reply

Label: Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group

Release Date: February 11, 2022

Rating: 96%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There is a huge push over the last couple years to embrace that classic rock sound with that charge lead by Dirty Honey and Greta Van Fleet.  The latest to join the fray is Naked Gypsy Queens and they are unleashing an EP this Friday that showcases their grasp on the classic rock sound that has their own twist and stamp thrown on top.  Title track and disc opener “Georgiana” kicks things into gear and shape quickly with cool riffs, heavy handed bottom end, and some cool vocals.  The real groove in this track hits with the bridge and breakdown that feature some great slide guitar, killer percussion, and cool bass lines that tie everything together.  “Down to the Devil” is an extension of the opener, but the vocals seem to leap at you through out the verse and gain momentum and power at the chorus.  The overall vibe of the track gets the foot tapping, the head banging, and allows you to channel your inner non-musician with some killer air guitar and drums.  The guitar solo on the bridge is one of the best on the short collection.  “Strawberry Blonde #24” is full or swagger as well as the proverbial piss & vinegar.  This one gets you stomping and rocking from open to close.  There is something about eh vocals and guitars swirled together with some of the discs heaviest rhythm section offerings that makes this track the perfect storm of rock, blues, and everything in between.  “Wolves” has the smoldering blues-filled vocals we have come to enjoy on the disc and the rhythm section lays down a perfect bottom end for the track, but this one features some of the best riffs, licks, and overall six-string prowess of any song here.  The solo that lay underneath the chorus and outro after the bridge are an amazing listen.  Disc closer “If Your Name is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam)” — I tend to skip live versions of tracks on studio discs — is a left turn sonically from the onset with a great acoustic guitar interlude that supports the lead vocal until the bass and drums kick in with authority but seemingly no electrical power.  It is a sweet song that demonstrates the bands skill and grasp on bluesy rock without relying on cranking the amps up to ten.  This one has made the constant rotation in my listening since first seeing the video.  I cannot wait to hear some of this stuff live soon or to see what the guys have planned for us next.

Tracklisting: Georgiana – Down to the Devil – Strawberry Blonde #24 – Wolves – If Your Name is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam) – Georgiana (Live)






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ToddStar - that's me... just a rocking accountant who had dreams of being a rock star. I get to do the next best thing to rocking the globe - I get to take pictures of the lucky ones that do. I love to shoot all genres of music and different types of performers. If it is related to music, I love to photograph it. I get to shoot and hang with not only some of my friends and idols, but some of the coolest people around today.

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  1. SUD2 says:

    WOW! This is the best rock n roll Ive heard in a very long time. Absolute original sound, using old ingredients, and recorded in full band live takes. Listened with seasoned rockers yesterday and we ALL were blown away. Then we found out these songs were pre-covid and written when they were 18! Digging deeper, they released a self titled record while still in high school and I encourage you to listen to Black Cat Blues. Naked Gypsy Queens just may be the new Kings of Rock n Roll! They are that good.

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