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Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: May 14, 2021

Rating: 96%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I have dug Myles Kennedy’s voice from the first time I heard it on albums from the Mayfield Four and that only got stronger with each release from Slash and Alter Bridge.  When he dropped a solo album, I was blown away and that holds as true now with his sophomore effort seeing the light of day.  Disc opener “Get Along” is a song that kicks things off in the right direction, with huge vocals, cool guitar work, and a contagious sound that keeps you listening so you can truly absorb the groove of the track as well as the lyrical content.  “A Thousand Words” shifts gears sonically, especially on the intro.  Once the drums and guitars kick in, we get that familiar vocal coming at us through the music and all seems right with the world.  The different guitar sounds an textures give the track depth and strength without dialing up the intensity of becoming overpowering.  Title track “The Ides Of March” is a cool song that opens with an acoustic rendering that swirls with Kennedy’s vocal perfectly like a beautiful dance that soon morphs into a different track that takes on a totally different vibe, allowing Myles to flex a different set of musical muscles while maintaining some of the most solid vocals in rock and roll today.  “Love Rain Down” slows it down a bit and gives us a few minutes to enjoy the smoldering and smoky side of Kennedy’s vocals while the acoustic guitar sets the pace and keeps the song flowing.  The harmonies that pop in the chorus add punch to the song that gets a little stronger as the song rest of the musical accompaniment joins the fray on the second verse.  “Moonshot” gives us a glimpse at a different side of Kennedy, bordering on a country tinged rocker that features great guitars that showcase a blues sound, rock flavor, and country roots all within the same track while the vocals deliver a great sound that works with each of the different textures as well as it does the collective.  This one is contagious… be careful or you will find yourself singing along.  Disc closer “Worried Mind” takes us out on a different sound and vibe than most of the disc, but this bluesy gem suits Kennedy’s vocals perfectly and the guitar on the bridge is utterly amazing.  The solo takes flight while the rhythm section keeps the track grounded.  The song benefits from the extended vocals that last until the last note fades. 

From the opening note, “In Stride: grabs my attention thanks to the slide guitar and the killer cadence from the drums and bass that provide an amazing foundation for the track.  The tempo of song runs down the track like a locomotive barreling through a dark tunnel and into the night.  The song has nuances that creep up with each listen and grow on you.  Be sure to check out the vocals and guitars on the transitions and into the bridge.  Damn this is good!  “Wake Me When It’s Over” is another song that benefits from a cool intro that changes in sound and intensity, but gets better with each strum, beat, and lyric.  The heavy bottom end gets the foot tapping while the vocals beg you to join in, especially on catchy chorus.  The layered vocals really come to life on this one.  “Tell It Like It Is” has a great slide intro that has clean and fuzzy guitar swirled together in the mix that provides a perfect counter to Kennedy’s vocals that seem crisp and concise on this track.  The party vibe woven into the track as the chorus transitions to the second verse takes over and we are off and running with a great song that is a different from the other tracks as it is similar, if that is possible.  This is one of my favorites that gets better with each listen.  “Wanderlust Begins” is the one song that sticks with me each listen through.  There is something about the tempo, swirl of guitars and vocals, and overall vibe of the track that makes me smile while I sing along with Myles as the verse moves to chorus and back again.  There is magic in his vocal that elevates this song, especially at the end of the second chorus when he shows off some higher ranges.  The bridge is awesome and the vocals that decorate the musical landscape are some of the best he has recorded in my opinion.  “Sifting Through The Fire” is a great song that works us toward the end of the disc, while seemingly tying the different sounds and grooves together, creating a song that well represents the complete disc, with searing guitar work, catchy lyrics, strong vocals, and a great feel.  Here’s hoping venues opening up will welcome Myles to a stage near me sometime soon, as each of these tracks was seemingly built to be played live and shared with his fans in an intimate setting.

Tracklisting: Get Along – A Thousand Words – In Stride – The Ides Of March – Wake Me When It’s Over – Love Rain Down – Tell It Like It Is – Moonshot – Wanderlust Begins – Sifting Through The Fire – Worried Mind






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