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LUKE BRYAN – Spring Break… Here To Party


Label: Capital Records

Release Date: March 5, 2013

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Some discs get a song by song, blow by blow recap.  Some discs don’t need it.  The latest from Luke Bryan is one of the latter.  This disc, a compilation of the first four Spring Break EPs from Luke, is exactly what is says it is.  This is a party CD.  Not only does the title infer it, but every song is about love lust, drinking, dancing, and partying.  This is the ultimate set of songs about the annual party that is Spring Break.  “Suntan City” opens the disc with a great groove and sets the mood when Luke proclaims he was “stirring up a Coke & Crown.”  This track gives you a great idea of what to expect on this disc.  Other party highlights are the tracks “If You Ain’t Here To Party,” “Sorority Girl,” and “Take My Drunk Ass Home.”  The disc even has a couple songs about the downside of Spring Break.  “Buzzkill” is about a love gone wrong that is still stalking you, whereas “Spring Break-Up” is the track that explains the simplicity of spring break relationships.  Don’t dismiss this as a joke CD.  The songs are well written and performed.  This one will be in my car for a while!

Category: CD Reviews

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