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Label: Mascot Label Group

Release Date: May 14, 2021

Rating: 100%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Occasionally an album comes along that blows my mind with how damn good it is.  The latest explosive disc to hit my email is the debut release from Levara.  Disc opener “Heaven Knows” comes straight at you from the first note and doesn’t let up.  The swirl of vocals and guitars in the verse and chorus dance swiftly across a solid bottom end anchored by Josh Devine’s drumming.  The chorus is contagious and gets you to sing along before you finish your first listen.  Be sure to check out the solo on the bridge of this one (don’t worry… this is a recurring theme throughout the disc).  “Automatic” is another killer rock track that benefits from Jules Galli’s vocals that have a rock quality without getting hard, heavy, or straying from a mainstream melodic rock sound; there is almost a pop quality to his voice that draws you in.  Once again, we are treated to Trev Lukather’s range of guitar prowess and ability throughout the track.  “On For The Night” has some of the coolest melody lines tossed in from the guitars and the vocals, but the ethereal mix of vocals at the choruses and bridge take this song to a new place.  The solo on the bridge is one of my favorites, as it shows how much Trev can do with so little.  There are no screaming solos or searing riffs… just damn good fretboard work.  “Can’t Get Over” is another song that gets a great vocal contribution from Jules while Trev drives the track with his guitar work.  The bottom end also kicks in their portion and Josh’s heavy-handed drumming helps the push the chorus along, delivering a great lyric.  “Ordinary” starts off with a rock-pop sound that seems to permeate the track throughout, thanks to the vocals and very bouncy guitar sound.  The lyric is cool and fits the musical component perfectly as this song moves us nicely toward the end of the disc.

“Ever Enough” is a catchy track that features Lukather’s guitars throughout while Devine seems to be drumming with a third hand; there are fills, cymbals, and solid rhythm woven into this song’s DNA.  The swirl of vocals and instrumentation creates a cool power ballad-like song that is as fun to sing to as it is to just sit back and listen to.  Nah — it’s more fun to join in on this one.  “Allow” is one of those songs that grabs you and won’t let go, even after the song’s time in rotation has come and gone.  After the almost tribal opening, the guitars and vocals swing in and join the fray.  Galli’s vocals on this song are emotionally driven and perfectly deliver the lyrics.  The song is as beautiful musically as it is lyrically and provides a cool breakdown near the middle of the disc.  “Chameleon” is one of the catchiest and contagious tracks I have heard in a long time.  The melody wraps itself around you while the vocals welcome you to join the sing along on the verse and chorus.  Galli steps up on this track without being overpowering at all.  His solo on the bridge stands out as one of my favorites on the collection, as does Devine’s drumming going through the various transitions in the track.  I dare you to not want to sing along after checking out this track.  “Just A Man” starts off with a slightly different sound and tempered cadence through the intro and into the verse.  The chorus picks up a bit of energy and steam with the vocals and guitars coming up in the mix without getting any harder or more intense.  This is one of those songs that is as good in the background while chatting or blasted in the car while cruising down the highway.  Disc closer “No One Above You” takes us out with some cool fretwork from Lukather and more of Jules Galli’s vocals.  As the verse turns to chorus, the song shifts in feel without transitioning sonically.  Josh’s drums stumble in on the next verse and the song starts to sprout wings as the trio combines their collective contributions and deliver a beautiful power ballad that sticks in the mind and lingers on the lips.  I am not sure what you are listening to lately, but don’t mistake or sleep on this release from Levara – they ARE the next big thing, and the wait is over.  Now to get the venues open so we can all witness this collection live.

Tracklisting: Heaven Knows – Automatic – Ever Enough – On For The Night – Allow – Can’t Get Over – Chameleon – Ordinary – Just A Man – No One Above You

Lineup: Trev Lukather (guitar) – Jules Galli (vocals) – Josh Devine (drums)






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