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Label: Independent

Release Date: May 7, 2021

Rating: 92%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There is a lot of music being released this year ahead of HOPEFULLY a summer and fall full of tour dates.  With some albums in preproduction prior to the pandemic and said pandemic giving a lot of artists unexpected free time, there was a lot of recording in the last 12-18 months waiting to be launched.  The latest from Diamante is full of rockers, ballads, and even a few surprises.  Disc opener and title track “American Dream” kicks things off in the right direction with some great riffs and a lush vocal that seems to entwine itself with the musical component of the track without getting lost in the mix.  The vocals swirl against the guitar crunch and come across crisp and refreshing.  “Ghost Myself” is another rocker that keeps the energy and rock quotient high from start to finish.  The chugging rhythm and hard hitting rhythm section is the perfect foundation for the track underneath Diamante’s vocal.  The slight growl and attitude laced into the chorus is the perfect nuance for the songs sound and lyrical content.  “Obvious” opens with a heavier groove draped across the musical track, but shifts gears and aligns sonically with the rest of the disc by time the chorus hits.  The slightly slower tempo adds punch and gives the track an edge.  Be sure to check out the acoustic version of this track that is tossed on to the end of the disc.  “Wake Up Call” is a slight left turn sonically from the onset, but the song morphs into another strong rocker as the chorus drops.  The vocals are slightly guttural and add a bit of invited abrasion to the mix and overall sound.  “I Love Myself For Hating You” is the perfect companion piece thematically and lyrically to Joan Jett’s late 80’s hit “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” while being different sonically, but still slightly tipping its hat with the killer vocal on the chorus.  This song features a cool solo tossed into one of the bridges and some of the best vocals from Diamante on the disc.

“Serves You Right” unfolds slowly and treats us to the first ballad-like track on the disc.  The range in Diamante’s vocals on this track demonstrates the different styles and textures she offers.  The power piece that embraces the chorus is energetic and helps keep the track from lulling at all.  The build between the verses, choruses, and bridge are fun to listen to.  “Unlovable” is a beautiful track that should forever be a part of her live set.  The songs lyrics are treated perfectly with Diamante’s emotional delivery.  The piano interlude adds depth to the track and collection overall as a countering sound to the rock guitars and heavy bottom end.  Be sure to check out the layered vocal in the mix.  “Unfuck You” is a cool track, and not just because it has the word fuck in the title.  The sentiment is something most of us have thought at one point or another in our life.  The heavy basslines in the mix combined with the drums and guitars provides a cool soundtrack for the lyrics.  The breakdown that brings in a hip hop vibe is a cool addition to the track.  “Iris” finds Diamante taking the Goo Goo Dolls classic for a spin and putting her musical stamp on the track without changing the arrangement or essence of the original.  The added punch of a herder rock vibe on the chorus is a nice touch and injection of herself into the song.  Disc closer “Hopeless” is an interesting way to end the collection.  The acoustic guitar driven track that allows her to stretch herself vocally swirls in some electric guitar, but stays rooted in the unplugged vein, until the rest of the band kicks in on the second verse.  In a day and age when I find myself leaning into the Halestorm catalog and other female artists, Diamante holds her own and is ready to assume her place amongst her peers.

Tracklisting: American Dream – Ghost Myself – Serves You Right – Obvious – Unlovable – Wake Up Call – Unfuck You – I Love Myself for Hating You – Iris – Hopeless – Obvious (Acoustic)






Category: CD Reviews

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