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Q+A – THE FIVE RECORDS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT with DEREK JENDZA, singer with Artificial Agent

| 8 July 2021 | Reply

Q+A – THE FIVE RECORDS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT with DEREK JENDZA, singer with Artificial Agent

By Shane Pinnegar

Detroit rocker Derek Jendza and his brother Brad released Artificial Agent’s third full length album, Death Ray, last year, and have more recently rebooted their first band T.H.E.M. for a one-off single.

Jendza explains, “[Artificial Agent] are writing and recording new music – we will be playing live shows in the fall [that’s the Australian Spring, folks – editor]

“The first band [Brad & I] ever had was the TEENAGE HIGH-SCHOOL ENERGETIC MANIACS – T.H.E.M for short! We played live in high school a few times, but never recorded anything. The other two guys moved to other parts of the world or just walked away from music, but they were and will always be dear friends, and we wanted to finally record one single. Brad wrote it and we recorded it. It’s called Burn It Down – check it out!”

Artificial Agent have played many support slots for national tours travelling through Michigan. I asked Derek how it feels to support so many of their musical heroes in their home town.

“It feels amazing and fun, we are always humbled by those shows. It is really awesome when they take you aside and tell you that you are good – or when they want to hang out! You can’t believe it. It’s like…”is this really happening?”

On to the five records which Derek cannot live without…

5. Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love

This record is raw rock n’ roll. It’s punk-metal! It has great riffs and awesome solos. This record made me fall in love with Motley Crue.

4. Queen – A Day at the Races

From start to finish this record is perfect. It takes you everywhere you want to go. From glam to rock to jazz to almost show tune jams. It is amazing and a total classic.

3. Duran Duran – RIO

This record has style and warmth – it’s the ultimate New Romantic record. This record – like all 5 of these records – take me back to wonderful moments in my life. Sonically Rio is ahead of its time with its amazing synth-pop rock sound.

2. KISS – Hotter Than Hell

I love this record. It’s totally raw KISS, full of killer riffs and songs. The cover oozes evil and sin. You feel the debauchery just by looking at it. Then you hear rock n’ roll debauchery when you play it. This is one of the records that made me want to play in a band. This record will burn you like the mid-day sun!

1. The Beatles – Abbey Road

Abbey Road is one of the first records I ever owned. It is beautiful from beginning to end. I Want You (She’s so Heavy) rocks and grooves. This album is full of some of the most wonderful songs ever created. I could never be stranded on a desert island without this record.

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