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MUSIC REVIEW: ARIELLE – Analog Girl In A Digital World

| 22 April 2021 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: May 7, 2021

Rating: 91%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Arielle is another artist in a long line of great ones my friend Steve has introduced me to over the years.  After the first couple spins, I knew a review was inevitable, as I found myself going back to the songs time and time again.  Disc opener and intro “Dialup” is self-describing, as it features all those pings, squeals, and fuzz we all learned to hate when literally dialing up to get access to the World Wide Web.  “Digital World” kicks off the musical part of the disc and the song is contagious from the first note until the song fades after just over five minutes.  Arielle’s guitar work twists perfectly with her vocals in the mix and helps set the bar for the rest of the tracks.  “This Is Our Intervention” has an ethereal feel woven into the track that gets punchy at the transitions and chorus.  The time and cadence changes on the transitions helps the track stand out against the rest of the collection.  There is something about the song that helps tie together the different tracks and sounds.  “Inside & Outside” is a song that comes out of left field, comparatively.  The bluesy vibe of this song jumps out immediately and raises itself above the other songs.  Arielle’s vocals on this song are emotionally driven and are the perfect partner for her guitar, which seems to project its own emotional side.  This is my personal favorite on the collection and has made it into my normal playlist.  “Living In A Fortress” falls back on the vocals a bit in the verse more than most of the tracks, but the different textures and guitar sounds help keep things interesting as the song floats sonically through your speakers from verse to chorus to transition and back again.

“Peace Of Mind” dials down the energy a bit, but seems to increase the throwback vibe of the disc and music overall.  The guitar nuances tossed into the bridges and  small pockets underneath the vocals add depth to the track, but the layered harmonies that dot the chorus’ landscape are killer and show how well she structures her songs vocally.  “Still A Man” is a cool track that has a great vibe and groove that gets the foot tapping, the head banging, and begs you to sing along.  The lyrics are very tongue in cheek and fun to listen to… even if I am a man!  The guitar solo on the bridge is one of the best on the collection and helps keep the track moving along.  “I’d Rather Be In England” has a cool guitar sound that permeates the track and lays a great foundation underneath the vocals.  The lyrics are an interesting listen that has Arielle playing storyteller and taking us on a little journey with her.  The transition of guitars and sound at the bridge is an interesting twist, as is the drum driven and guitar filled interlude that takes us toward the end of the track.  Disc closer “Reimagine Redefine” is the oddest track on the collection, giving us a glimpse into a totally different side of and sound from Arielle.  The droning sound that leads the charge under her vocal is the perfect counterpart to the less digital sound of the discs intro.  The song shifts and we get more guitar – especially a cool solo tossed into the mix – and vocals, helping bring the disc to an end.

Tracklisting: Dialup – Digital World – Peace Of Mind – This Is Our Intervention – Still A Man – Inside & Outside – I’d Rather Be In England – Living In A Fortress – Reimagine Redefine






Category: CD Reviews

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