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| 19 August 2020 | Reply


Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: August 21, 2020

Rating: 94%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

From my first spin of the bands debut release back in 2014, I knew there was something special about this band.  With their third full-length studio effort, Holy Moly! dropping this week, I had to take time out to spin this eleven track disc and see where the band has landed 6 years after that first listen.  Disc opener “Proud Woman” opens with a short diatribe that quickly morphs into a great blues rock vibe that then kicks into overdrive on the chorus.  Elin Larsson’s lead vocals on this track take everything to the next level while the guitars swirl in the mix and the rhythm section anchors the track and its killer cadence.  “Low Road” keeps the tempo moving with heavy handed drumming from André Kvarnström and Kristoffer Schander’s thumping bass lines.  The vocals on this track are coated in attitude and adds punch to the already infectious track.  Be sure to check out the bass and drum heavy piece at the bridge.  “California” slows things down and gives us a closer look and listen to Larsson’s vocals and use of her range and emotional delivery.  The lyrical content gets proper treatment, especially on the chorus when Elin lets loose.  Zack Anderson’s guitar riff leading into and throughout the bridge is one of my favorite on the disc.  “Dust” is one of the most sultry tracks on the tracks, oozing with lust and thrust, thanks to Elin’s smoky vocals and the droning riffs from Zack in the background that add depth.  The solid bottom end from Schander and Kvarnström drive the track while keeping the foundation solid.  While not the loudest or most aggressive track on the disc, this is definitely the most powerful in my opinion.  “Wish I’d Known” slows things down for the collections second down tempo track that highlights the lead vocals and allows us to absorb the true ability of each band members contributions, as the stripped down approach lets each note, riff, and fill breath in the mix.  Disc closer “Longest Lasting Friend” slows us down for a final time as the collection comes to an end.  The vocals have a different sound and feel to them, while the guitars carry us along.

“Dreaming My Life Away” is a straight ahead rocker with tones of blues woven into the songs fabric.  The overall vibe of this track seems rushed and heavy, taking on a slightly different sound than most of the tracks here, without deviating from the discs overall groove and sound.  “Rhythm In The Blood” is different from other tracks, in that this one seems to offer up a tribal groove underneath the blues rock guitar, emotive vocals, and churning rhythm section.  The sound is a welcome addition to the bands sonic arsenal.  The vocals are pulled back on this one, but without sacrificing the power and strength of the message.  “Kiss My Past Goodbye” dials the energy up and tosses in a vintage sound at the same time, even hinting at soul and funk stylings throughout the song twisted together with some rock guitar and some thick blues vocals.  The swirl of different tones and textures helps this track stand out, not only on this collection, but among other blues rock tracks.  “Bye Bye Birdy” is a blues rocker from the opening to the last note.  The vocals that stomp across the instrumentation is solid and the guitars that take us through the bridge and transition from verse to chorus and back again have different sounds and nuances that fill the musical void.  The bottom end is heavy and solid without getting downtrodden or taking away from the overall sound.  “Song From A Mourning Dove” opens with a beautiful piano led intro that takes us to a different place immediately. thanks to the softer texture and the lighter feel of Larsson’s vocals.  The utilization of her upper register gives us a look at her voice as an instrument and not only a delivery system of her mood and attitude.  Soon the blues guitars creep in and accentuate the track on top of the rhythm section.  This disc is everything I expected from these guys on there latest effort, and then some thanks to “Dust,” a most welcome track that will be on repeat in my collection for some time to come.

Tracklisting: Proud Woman – Low Road – Dreaming My Life Away – California – Rhythm In The Blood – Dust – Kiss My Past Goodbye – Wish I’d Known – Bye Bye Birdy – Song From A Mourning Dove – Longest Lasting Friend

Lineup: Elin Larsson (vocals) – Zack Anderson (guitar) – André Kvarnström (drums) – Kristoffer Schander (bass)






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