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| 18 August 2020 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Rating: 95%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Nick Perri has been attached to some amazing projects and bands through the years, but one of his biggest accomplishments is fronting his own project, Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves.  After releasing a cool EP a couple years back, Nick stepped out front and decided to properly front the band in every way, putting his name on the project.  Disc opener “Feeling Good” is a fun rocker that weaves his different sounds and vibes from previous efforts into once cool piece of music.  From the killer riff to the bluesy approach to the songs chorus and overall tone, Perri demonstrates he has a great set of musicians around him.  The bottom end has swagger while the organ / keyboard sounds add depth to the songs groove.  “I Want You” is a cool track that takes from different influences and decades without losing focus of the song.  The overall vibe of the song helps establish a pattern of variety on the disc, as it varies from the opening song.  “Excess” unfolds with a different vibe, but soon falls into line with the other rock driven tracks on this collection.  The driving rhythm gets your foot tapping and head banging through the intro and the song is elevated once the verse kicks in.  The twisted guitar sounds draw you in while the contagious vocals beg you to sing along.  The chugging riff between verses and chorus get me humming every time.  “Everybody Wants One” is a funk-filled track that weaves together some of the coolest sounds and vibes from the disc, taking us on a journey.  The vocals are dripping with soul and are perfectly accompanied by the rest of the bands contributions, especially the think background vocals.  “Let You Know” is a great song that has a KILLER guitar riff that swirls funk, rock, and some chill vibes together and provides the perfect foundation for the rest of the track.  The vocals are emotive and grab your attention while the rest of the band provides some of their best effort on the disc, culminating in an exciting track that keeps things moving without being overbearing.

Fall” has an interesting song that allows Nick to really showcase some different tones and textures on the guitars, while the bass from Brian Weaver and the drums anchor the track and keep it from deviating from the discs path.  The song has several elements that have a Pink  Floyd quality in my opinion. from the ethereal instrumentation to the layered vocals.  This song helps elevate the disc overall.  “You” opens with a great a cappella vibe that grows as the seconds tick away and the instrumentation slowly unfolds.  The acoustic guitar driven verse adds punch to the psychedelic stylings of the vocals, while the song grows during the ebb and flow of the verses and chorus.  “Daughters & Sons” is a song that I go back to time and time again surprisingly.  I say that because I am not into Americana or that sound typically, yet this song speaks to me on several levels.  The simplicity of the guitar with the solid rhythm section and emotionally charged vocals swirl together creating a perfect storm.  I play my best air drums as we segue from the verse to the bridge, which features one of the best guitar solos on the disc.  “5.0.1.” is another favorite on the disc, but features no vocals to join in on.  The strength of the guitar work combined with the solid yet relaxed rhythm section help take this track to another place.  The live vibe and sounds swirled into the audio of the track were a welcome and savored moment while listening to the disc, due to the lack of the live feel and emotion of shows that are drastically missed by all these days.  Disc closer “White Noise” is another song I go back to over and over, thanks to the guitar work, the amazing vocals, and the perfectly played and placed sax solo.  The tone of this track is amazing and builds throughout the tracks 4:45 with a solo that permeates the wall of sound as the track makes its exit.  The magic of this disc is its ability to capture you sonically at each turn without sounding redundant or overdone.  Perri and crew nailed it on this collection.  I cannot wait for the next chapter, be it live or more new tunes.  Be sure to click the individual track links to see and hear Nick deconstruct each track on the disc.

Tracklisting: Feeling Good – I Want You – Fall – Excess – You – Everybody Wants One – Daughters & Sons – Let You Know – 5.0.1. – White Noise






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