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| 2 February 2020 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: January 24, 2020

Rating: 96%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Revolution Saints is a band that landed on my radar just before the release of their 2015 self-titled debut release and they landed square in the middle of said radar – that first album was a killer slice of rock and just two years later they followed it up with another great collection or rock tracks with Light In The Dark.  Fast-forward to 2020 and the trio delivered the third part of a melodic rock hat trick.  “When The Heartache Has Gone” comes straight at you from the first note and doesn’t let up.  The guitar riffs from Doug Aldrich build the melody of the track underneath Deen Castronovo’s lead vocals and the thick layered chorus sets the bar for the rest of the track.  “Price To Pay” unfolds and features a cool riff from Aldrich that sets the pace for the track.  This one features an amazing duet between bassist Jack Blades and Castronovo.  This is a beautiful track that blends rock and ballad, leaning heavier on the rock side.  This track makes me want to dig out my Bad English CD’s as it has that same vibe.  “Coming Home” backs the energy off a bit without backing off the quality.  Deen’s vocals on this track are some of the best on the disc.  The piano interlude buried int eh verse adds depth to the track.  “Higher” is a cool track that allows everybody to flex their musical muscles a bit from open to close, but I am drawn in every time I hear the bridge and outro with its layered vocals.  The breakdown that takes us from verse to chorus is cool and adds a bit of punch to the song.  “It’s Not The End (It’s Just The Beginning)” screams Journey to me, from the vocals to the guitar work to the keyboard interplay.  The chorus is huge, with an area rock vibe to it.  This is the lone track penned solo by Blades.  Disc closer “Eyes Of A Child” is a co-write between the tandem of Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw – their first disc Hallucination is still a Top 10 in my book and gets regular spins.  Jack’s lead on this track strikes the heart and drives home the poignant lyric and Aldrich’s acoustic guitar is a beautiful touch.

Title track “Rise” kicks the door in and instantly launches into a killer cadence and groove that gets the foot tapping and the head banging.  This song was built to be played live.  The vocals are exciting and the blend of guitars with the heavy handed drums and bass culminate in one of the better rock tracks on the disc.  Be sure to check out the guitar solo on the bridge.  “Closer” is a cool power ballad that marries Castronovo’s vocals and a beautiful piano driven melody through the verse that opens up and grows at the chorus when the bands kicks in.  The vibe of this song matches the lyric, which is perfectly delivered.  The song’s strength is the blend of soft and hard, ballad and rocker, etc.  Another killer solo from Doug on this one.  “Talk To Me” is driven by lead vocals from the trio of Deen, Jack, and  guest vocalist Lunakaire.  The bottom end of this track keeps the song from straying too far from the path, thanks to Blades’ bass work.  “Million Miles” has a slightly different sound and tone during the transitional pieces of the track, but it doesn’t veer too far from the bands sound.  Castronovo’s drumming keeps the song anchored when the keyboards and Aldrich’s guitar parts want to soar, especially on the bridge.  “Win Or Lose” starts off and sounds like “Million Miles Part II,’ but the track shifts sonically and takes on a life of its own as the first verse kicks in.  The song has more of the layered vocals, guitar riffs, and thumping bass lines we have come to know and expect from these guys.  The only shame about this disc, as well as the bands two previous efforts, is the fact that they will most likely never tour to support the efforts.

Tracklisting: When The Heartache Has Gone – Price To Pay – Rise – Coming Home – Closer – Higher – Talk To Me – It’s Not The End (It’s Just The Beginning) – Million Miles – Win Or Lose – Eyes Of A Child

Band Lineup: Deen Castronovo (lead vocals, drums) – Jack Blades (bass, vocals) – Doug Aldrich (guitars)

Featuring: Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards) – Lunakaire (guest vocals on “Talk to Me”)





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