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HUNTRESS – Starbound Beast

| 20 June 2013 | Reply


Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: July 2, 2013

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Some bands are different from what I listen to, but really strike a nerve.  That can be said about Huntress, who blew me away with their debut (see review HERE).  “Enter The Exosphere” is a cool instrumental that seemingly prepares you for the metal onslaught that is about to take place.  This may set the mood, but it only scratches the surface of the metal you are about to encounter.  “Blood Sisters” comes along and kicks the door in with guitar riffs that are all metal while keeping the tempo mild.  Soon we are treated… yes treated… to the vocals of Jill Janus.  The way she moves with precision between singing and growling in a thing of beauty.  The music that accompanies is well played and builds on the template from the debut release.  “I Want To Fuck You To Death” is next and totally takes the disc to the next level.  Not only is the lyrical content perfect, but the fact that Lemmy himself has a co-write on this track gives it that much more credibility.  The track would have fit perfectly on their last disc.  The chugging riffs, soaring solos, and pounding rhythm section combine to make this track heavy.  The real bonus is listening to Jill sing the lyric, ‘I want to fuck you to death.”  “Destroy Your Life” is another gem that really demonstrates how strong this band is when it fires on all cylinders.  The guitars fill the background with sound while Jill paints the picture with her vocals.  The low notes are just as powerful as the upper octaves in her range.  “Starbound Beast” opens like a great metal track should – with guitars pounding and the vocals piercing.  The vocals play well against the guitar work while the drums and bass complete the sound.  Again, Jill uses her instrument wisely to bring the lyrics to life while the guitar solos add to the track.

“Zenith” comes charging out of the gate with some of the more aggressive drumming and bass yet.  The vocals and guitars join in the aural assault and complete this track.  The song seems to build from beginning to end, while shifting gears and tempos at times, keeping the listener on their toes.  This is sure to be a standard in the bands live set for years to come.  “Oracle” starts off a bit different from other tracks but soon brings everything full circle and has the feel of a Huntress song.  Jill’s vocal prowess cannot be minimized, and this song is proof; the woman can sing.  The track clicks along and adds some cool guitar riffs and solos as well as a heavy bottom line.  “Receiver” is all Huntress.  This is another track that could have been placed on their debut.  Not because it doesn’t show growth in the band, but because it demonstrates how strong their first offering was.  The real bonus of this track is listening to the vocals, especially when it seems they are simply running scales in the background.  The guitar solo also stands out on this track as one of the better solos due to the varied tones and textures of the solo.  “Spectra Spectral” keeps the Huntress sound intact and constant.  The chugging guitars combined with the spiraling vocals and tight rhythm section keep this song moving.  The guitar work is cool and helps create a nice metal vibe during the bridges and breakdowns.  The drums and searing guitar solos stand out on this track.  “Alpha Tauri” features the clean and growling vocals from Jill that seem to be a stamp of hers on each of the Huntress releases to date.  The song takes an ethereal twist during a bridge when the guitars work together to create an eerie feeling that the vocals enhance.  Parts of the vocals on this track are Jill at her best.

This disc didn’t come out of nowhere; this is exactly the progression we expected.  If you weren’t aware of Huntress yet, you just haven’t been paying attention… you have been warned.

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