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BOOK REVIEW: Wish by Chris Saunders

| 12 March 2019 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Wish by Chris Saunders

Words & Pictures
March 2019
Hardcover, $21.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Picture Book / Friendship


Once every year, wishes take flight,
filled with hope and twinkling light…

Rabbit has never caught a wish before, then one day he catches three! But what amazing things should he wish for?
With the help of his best friends Mouse, Fox and Bear, Rabbit discovers that thinking of others can sometimes bring the greatest rewards of all.

Rabbit was amazed as wishes danced and rose,
then all of a sudden, one landed on his nose!
Two more wishes fell at his feet,
now he had three, oh what a treat!”

The message of Wish is a good one to impart upon kids; that if everyone is kind and does things for each other, rather than just worrying about what they get from a situation, everyone ends up having friends of value and being much happier than if we only do things for ourselves. 

With a simple yet well-done rhyming meter, and such stunning illustrations that you’ll just want to sit and stare at each page for a while, this is a gorgeous book to add to your home library and share with the ones you love.

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