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Release Date: April 20, 2018

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

One of the bands out there that always seems to avoid labeling in my opinion is Tesseract.  With elements of different genres all thrown into the proverbial mix, thee guys lean into the modern rock while adding prog nuances and grooves that keep the music moving and interesting.  Opening track “Luminary” is a cool track that really shows its prog rock roots while giving us a modern guitar sound and some ethereal vocals tossed in for good measure.  The overall vibe of the track scratches the surface of what is to come on the rest of the disc.  “King” is another cool song that embraces the modern metal sound and weaves different elements into it, giving the song a different feel than most modern metal without deviating too far from the pattern.  The song clocks in at over six minutes, but doesn’t drag.  “Juno” embraces the prog feel and swirls in one of the coolest bass lines, compliments of Amos Williams, I have heard in a long time.  This song rocks and has a funk quotient woven into it.  This is my favorite track on the disc, thanks to the groove and the vocal delivery.  “Mirror Image” has a different texture than others on the disc, but seems to settle right in among the other songs.  The shift in tempo and power keep the song fresh.  The drums from Jay Postones are mild and powerful at the same time, giving the song a solid foundation.

“Orbital” is the shortest track on the disc, but still delivers impact with its mellower feel and approach, especially Daniel Tompkins’ vocals.  They pack a punch without overpowering the songs sound or delivery.  This track should be a killer transition track in a live setting.  “Beneath My Skin” adds to the vibe created by “Juno” and builds a great one-two punch on this collection.  The guitars from Acle Kahney and James Monteith give the track nuance and layers that lift the song at times and keep the ebb and flow of the music moving, avoiding a stagnant sound or vibe.  While this isn’t head banging music, it is definitely rhythmic and catchy.  “Smile” features come cool breakdowns as well as some chugging riffs that are layered with solos and various licks.  The vocals soar at points and level off without drama and flair at others, and even ramp to a growl at times.  This song is a great snapshot of the band and their sound, bringing the various influences of theirs into a tight package.  Disc closer “The Arrow” shifts gears from almost orchestral to rocker and back again, giving the track depth and the disc variety.  The song fades out gently, but the memory of it prompts you to take this disc for another spin, as if you are looking and listening for something you may have missed.  The only question I have is – why did I wait so long to check out this disc???

Tracklisting: Luminary – King – Orbital – Juno – Beneath My Skin – Mirror Image – Smile – The Arrow






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