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| 7 March 2018 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: March 2, 2018

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A cool EP hit my mail and I am so glad I peeled the plastic off and took this one for a spin.  Blending her love of Americana and Country, Michelle LeBlanc has crafted a short disc of five tracks that also swirl in a pop sensibility that helps take this to the next level.  Disc opener “BTW” has cool guitar work swirling in the mix and wrapping itself around her emotionally charged vocals.  The vibe of the track leans on the lyrics, but is key in the telling of this tale.  “Highway” leans into a classic country vein lyrically and vocally, while the music keeps us current and gives the song a boost.  The twang and heart-string pull in LeBlanc’s vocals lead this track perfectly down the road.  The song gives us a glimpse into the songwriters head and heart.  “Loving A Hurricane” unfolds with some acoustic guitar and Michelle’s searing vocal in a beautiful duet that grows slowly through the track with the introduction of drums, bass, and keyboards.  The chorus is catchy and draws you in.  “Hot And Heavy” is a cool track that seems to deviate from the pattern cut by the other songs on the disc, but fits within the parameters of the mini-collection.  The chorus has some of the best and more smoldering vocals on the disc.  Disc closer “I Would Jump” is a FUN track that has rock-like riffs and a little heavier bottom end from the rhythm section, while the vocals bring a bluesy country pop groove to the song.  This is the most upbeat track here and a surefire way to get you to listen to this disc again and again as it comes to a close.

Tracklisting: BTW – Highway – Loving A Hurricane – Hot And Heavy – I Would Jump






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