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JEWEL – Greatest Hits

| 8 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Rhino Entertainment

Release Date: February 5, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Even rockers have the need to slow down life and just relax.  A perfect disc to do that with is the hits compilation being release to commemorate Jewel’s career.  Of course I knew the big hits, but some of the other tracks had escaped me previously, so I am glad to have had the chance to check out this disc.  I found a few new songs that I really enjoy. This disc spans her discography, including a couple rerecording of hits with guests and a new single.  ‘Pieces of You’ is represented by three tracks here.  “Who Will Save Your Soul” was a breakout hit for Jewel when she started this roller coaster ride.  Amazing how almost 18 years later this song still hits the mark.  The vocals are still as emotive now as they were back in 1995.   “You Were Meant For Me” was another runaway track that featured heartfelt lyrics beneath the voice.  The acoustic treatment of the track add to its impact.  “Foolish Games” completed the hat trick of songs from the debut release that gave the listener a glimpse into Jewel’s heart and talent.  The album ‘Spirit’ also has three songs on this collection.  “Hands” followed the blueprint of hits from the previous disc, without detracting from those songs or this song.  The piano seems lighter and plays well against the guitar and vocals.  “Down So Long” is a track that I wasn’t familiar with, but really enjoy.  The tempo changes and broader use of percussion accentuate the song in a positive manner, allowing Jewel to demonstrate that she is more than a one-trick pony.  “Jupiter” follows and brings more layered vocals and a more contemporary sound to the table.  “Standing Still” comes from the third release, ‘This Way.’  From the opening notes, the familiarity of this track comes rushing back.  This is another track that has stood the test of time and seems as fresh now as it was then.  “Break Me” is more classic Jewel from the same disc.  This song returns to the formula that worked for Jewel on her debut, while adding components like electric guitar that keep this from sounding redundant.

The lone track from ‘0304,’ “Intuition” featured a new Jewel.  Inspired by a dance hit from her previous disc, Jewel released a disc, and lead single, that had more percussion, keyboards, and dance feel, while losing the  acoustic guitars.  The vocals are sexier and seemed to fit the trends, without sounding dated, looking and listening back.  “Good Day” was the second single released from ‘Goodbye Alice in Wonderland.’  This song goes back to the drawing board and uses the storyteller method of her earlier releases, but kept things like electric guitars and drums that give the song a heavier feel, well, heavy for Jewel.  “Stronger Woman” was Jewels first foray into country music and her biggest single from ‘Perfectly Clear.’  The move from her earlier songs to country wasn’t that big a stretch, as her songs always had a country component, they just lacked some of the instrumentation or music to make them country hits.  This transition is more clear on the reworked tracks presented later on this disc.  “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” comes from Jewel’s first independent disc, ‘Lullaby.’  This reworking of the classic is all Jewel and a fair interpretation of the original arrangement.  The song doesn’t stray from the original, but there is just enough of her own twist thrown in to make this stand on its own.  “Satisfied” is the lone track from Jewel’s second country disc, ‘Sweet and Wild.’  This is another track that lends itself to country or contemporary charts and listening.  The songs lyrics play well with the vocals and keep the song moving.  Two bonus tracks for this collection are reworked tracks from the debut.  “You Were Meant For Me” features country female group the Pistol Annies.  This song demonstrates the crossover ability of Jewel’s earlier tracks as much as her newer material.  “Foolish Games” featuring Kelly Clarkson is another track that gets updated.  This is my favorite of the two, as it retains that pop sensibility and acoustic originality that made it a hit in the beginning of her career, while updating the track with cool duet in the chorus, allowing Kelly Clarkson to bring her vocal to the second stanza, and a slight country feel that Jewel has been using on her last couple discs.  New track “Two Hearts Breaking” is a great addition to the disc.  The song has slices of different tracks from her catalog.  The song features acoustic guitars, a dance vibe in the chorus, along with a country-pop guitar in the bridges.  This tunes really does wrap this disc and Jewel’s different moods and songs in a little package that leaves you hoping for more of the same on her next release.

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