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| 30 August 2018 | Reply

Label: Republic Records / Virgin EMI

Release Date: June 29, 2018

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Florence + The Machine are one of those bands that everyone seems confused when I mention I purchased (and enjoy) each release they have.  The same can be said for the latest effort, which I picked up as soon as it was released.  The disc kicks off with “June” which sets the pace for the disc and takes us into slightly different territory than some of the other songs from the bands catalog.  The chorus is simple yet contagious.  “Hunger” is next and this song grabbed me from the first listen and hasn’t let go yet.  This is my favorite on the disc, thanks to the killer musical accompaniment that swirls in the mix underneath the lyrics and vocals – a perfect blend.  “Big God” is a song that grows on your slow and steady.  The vocals are dark and the lyrics deep, giving this song a slightly different feel than some of the other tracks on the collection.  The layered vocals add punch to the song at times.  “Grace” is one of the more melancholy tracks on the the disc, as evidenced from the opening line ‘Sorry I ruined your birthday…’ and while the song grows sonically, the vibe doesn’t shift much, but the chorus does draw you in.  “100 Years” is a chippy song that is different from most of the songs here, but fits within the groove cut by the ten tracks collectively.  The vocals are typical Florence and carries the track, especially through the bridge.

“South London Forever” is a cool track that benefits from one of the better vocals on the disc.  The musical accompaniment creates a perfect landscape for the track and helps the song flourish from the first note to the last and provides a great cadence.  “Sky Full Of Song” kicks off as an a capella tune that gets support from the band as the verse moves slowly into the chorus and the song swings and sways through the speakers thanks to Welch’s familiar vocals and a plunky bass line that weaves into the songs bottom end.  “Patricia” is another track that stands out thanks to Florence’s great vocals and a musical landscape that gives the song room to run.  The rock vibe that cuts through the song adds depth and power to the second half of the disc.  The blend of instruments and vocals is perfect on this killer track.  “The End Of Love” highlights the vocals, and rightly so – the lead vocals are great and the layered vocals through the chorus are even better.  The instrumentation in simple and direct, nicely contrasting the more complex vocals that swirl beautifully in the mix.  Disc closer “No Choir” takes us out with a lot of what the disc presented – good material that allows Welch to deliver the vocals her fans have come to know and love, but with less arrangement and instrumentation than her discs typically offer.  While not my favorite Florence + The Machine disc, it is better than a lot of music being released these days.

Tracklisting: June – Hunger – South London Forever – Big God – Sky Full Of Song – Grace – Patricia – 100 Years – The End Of Love – No Choir






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