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LIVE: TOOL – November 2, 2019

| 4 November 2019 | Reply

Venue: Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

City: Indianapolis, IN

Date: November 2, 2019

Review and Photographs by: Jeffrey Everett (

“Good things come to those who wait” just about sums up Tool’s latest release Fear Inoculum and its supporting tour. Their first album in 13 years was one of the most highly anticipated in recent music history. It vaulted to number one on the Billboard album chart. Breaking from the mainstream format, Tool has stayed true to form with most songs exceeding the 10 minute mark with the latest album timing out at 87 minutes. That distinction together with their complex polyrhythms, crushing drums, guitar riffs, and etherical vocals has created a massive cult like following. Tool’s North American tour has been one of the hottest tickets around. The show here in Indy sold out in minutes. The crowd of nearly 20,000 was on their feet and screaming as they took the stage. Maynard donned a spiked mohawk, red plaid pants and took his characteristic place in the back of the stage on a riser. They opened with the title track from the new album “Fear Inoculum.” A huge projection screen served as the backdrop, playing psychedelic images and eerily terrifying clips from their music videos. A curtain of long threads covered the stage for the first few songs. It was then lifted allowing a clear view of the band. The sound was thundering yet coordinated allowing Maynard’s vocals to clearly penetrate through the crushing riffs and drums. They next turned back the clock to Ænema, their tongue in cheek solution to the problems in LA. The sampling of old and new continued throughout the night appealing to fans old and new. They played the tour debut of “Descending.” Danny Carey wore a Pacers jersey and was simply incredible on the drums. The bass drum was the loudest I have ever heard and vibrated your body to the core. His solo was during “Chocolate Chip Trip” highlighted with a percussion piece using a gigantic gong. Adam Jones maintained a somber external appearance while shredding it on lead guitar. Justin Chancellor’s lightning bass chords showed why he perhaps the best metal bassist in the world. Maynard moved from riser to riser and sat playfully dangling his legs side to side while performing “Vicarious.” Individually each member of Tool is supremely talented and together make them a once in a generation band.  After their set, the curtain veil fell and a 12 minute count down timer was projected, letting everyone know there was an encore coming. Before the last song “Stinkfest” Maynard told security to stand down and allow cell phones to capture a few shots of the show. The show was a visual and auditory experience like no other. Their performance was tight, a tribute to their professionalism and attention to detail. If you were lucky enough to snag a ticket to an upcoming show, get ready for one of the best shows you will ever see!

Setlist: Fear Inoculum – Ænema – Parabol – Parabola – Pneuma – Schism – Jambi – Vicarious – Descending – Forty Six & 2 – Chocolate Chip Trip – Invincible – (-) Ions – Stinkfist







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