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| 31 July 2018 | Reply


Australia’s Oldest Newspaper Is Hitting The Road This November & December!

TEG Dainty and Nice Events are excited to announce that The Betoota Advocate will tour Australia in November/December 2018. Clancy Overell and Errol Parker will treat audiences to a no holds barred live show in true Betoota-style, filled with their trademark wit and humour.

The tour opens up in Townsville on Saturday, November 3, and will hit every corner of the country including dates in Darwin, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra before winding up in Sydney at the iconic Sydney Opera House on Saturday, December 1.

Saturday, November 3: The Civic, Townsville
Sunday, November 4: Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin
Tuesday, November 6: Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
Thursday, November 8: QPAC, Brisbane
Friday, November 9: Nightquarter, Gold Coast
Sunday, November 11: Anita’s Theatre, Wollongong
Tuesday, November 13: The Civic, Newcastle
Friday, November 16: Astor Theatre, Perth
Saturday, November 17: Hamer Hall, Melbourne
Sunday, November 18: Odeon Theatre, Hobart
Thursday, November 22: AEC Theatre, Adelaide
Friday, November 30: Llewelyn Hall, Canberra
Saturday, December 1: Sydney Opera House

Whilst The Betoota Advocate has long thrived in the print, online, radio and podcast worlds, this will be the first time it is brought to life on stage.

Following mass lay-offs in Australian media and the merger of Channel 9 and Fairfax, the newspaper’s editors will visit each corner of the country explaining how, in this day and age, they have managed to keep a newspaper in the black.

“This is the first of its kind, it’s the first time The Advocate has been invited to spearhead such a project. Since our transition into digital media in 2014, we’ve garnered this cult-like following around the country and we felt it time to head out on the road to share the story with everyone.” – Clancy Overell

“It should be good, I’m looking forward to it.” – Errol Parker

In a brutally honest 90-minute presentation, editor Clancy Overell and editor-at-large Errol Parker—along with a very special guest—will take the audience on a journey through the town of Betoota; exploring the origins of The Advocate and explaining how to run a media empire of this size in 2018.

Nationally known and loved for its jocular headlines and witty take on the zeitgeist of modern Australia, The Betoota Advocate has developed a widespread and fiercely loyal readership since its inception.

Growing from humble beginnings, The Betoota Advocate is increasingly becoming one of Australia’s most widely read news publications. It boasts 7 million+ web hits and over 19 million engagements across social media per month; and has teamed up with the likes of Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull and Sir Richard Branson.

Vowing to “continue to report real and apolitical news” and never allow their organisation to be “hijacked by any of the family news dynasties”, The Betoota Advocate has won over disenchanted millennials and attracted attention internationally with its unique headlines.

Past stories include ‘ Builder Shocked As Apprentice Comes Back From Bunnings With Tartan Paint, Box Of Bright Sparks’, ‘Demolished Cheeseboard Suggests The Girls Are Having A Real Crack Tonight‘, ‘Reversing Boat Trailer Results in Chorus of Woo Sounds From Nearby Dads‘, ‘Kim Jong-un promises Bob Katter He Won’t Nuke Cloncurry’, ‘Inner City Leftie Saves The World By Positing Leftie Stuff On Facebook To Other Lefties’, and ‘Australia Enjoys Another Peaceful Day Under Oppressive Gun Control Laws’.

The Betoota brand has also spawned several other successful ventures including Betoota Bitter, Betoota Outfitters, The Betoota Advocate Podcast and ‘Betoota’s Australia’—a book about contemporary Australia which was launched by the Prime Minister at a press conference in October 2017.


“As a small and independent regional newspaper from far-west Queensland, we pride ourselves on reporting fair and just news with the authenticity that rivals only the salt on the sunburnt earth that surrounds us here in the Queensland Channel Country.

Having been established in the mid-1800’s, we are arguably Australia’s oldest newspaper and have always taken pride in our ability to walk in both worlds: regional and metropolitan news. In recent times, our popularity has grown immensely as result of a bold move to create an online revival for our publication.

2014 was a big year for The Betoota Advocate, with a successful transition into digital news. This move online has given many of our cadet journalists an opportunity to report on stories outside of both our town and our nation’s borders.

Some of these stories have been successful on an international scale and attracted attention not only in our hometown of Betoota, but also right across Australia. The decision to venture online was made in September 2014, in our efforts to navigate through the new world of social media.

Our small operation, overseen by both former News of the World deputy editor and first-generation Betootan, Errol Parker (Editor-at-large) and the homegrown Clancy Overell (Editor) – makes for a trusting newspaper that will never bow to any of the powers that be in the world of ‘corporate news’ – and with a readership that topples the Fin Review and The Australian, we seem to be doing alright.

With the vast experience of our editors, the Betoota Advocate is able to harness the skillsets taught to both Parker and Overell during their sabbatical in the North Queensland hub of Townsville, where they both met as cadet journalists.

We will continue to report real and apolitical news and will never allow our organisation to be hijacked by any of the family news dynasties. Packer, Fairfax or Murdoch.

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