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| 1 October 2016 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: September 16, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

In my book, blues can go one way or the other – I don’t typically stay in the middle… I either dig it or I don’t.  The latest EP from Matthew Curry??  I really dig it.  I love the vibe of the disc from first note to last.  Disc opener “Blink Of An Eye” kicks things off with cool riffs, awesome vocals, and a smoking B3 that helps carry the track underneath the solos and licks.  Curry’s vocals are much older than his years, as is the emotional delivery he tosses into his effort on the mic and guitar.  “Caroline” takes the sound and feel of the disc in a different direction, but doesn’t stray from the bluesy sound he does so well.  The groove of this track brings a funky undertone to the mix and gives the track balls and punch.  “Electric Religion” brings a rock sensibility to the table, without shifting the sound and vibe of the EP.  The guitar licks are cool and punctuate the feel of the song.  The chugging riffs and steady cadence of this track keep the song flowing underneath the solos at the bridge.

Title track “Shine On” is rich on typical blues vibe and rhythm without sounding overdone or ripped off. Matthew’s vocals are thick and reflect the intention and emotion of the lyrics, even when the music behind him grows in sound as the verses morph to chorus and back again.  The guitar work and little nuances on this tune are fun to listen to.  “Matter Of Time” is an awesome track that brings me back time and time again, due to its full sound – compliments of the rhythm section and B3 Hammond.  Curry’s vocals are infectious and add depth to the track and EP.  The feel of this track is all blues, but with a modern twist.  Closer “Draw The Line” continues the fun groove and vibe of the previous track, but with more chugging riffs that slowly build through the verse and into the chorus, where the song seems to explode.  With songs like this, next time we can only hope Matthew puts out a full length effort with more killer tracks, vocals, playing, and great support from his band.

Tracklisting: Blink Of An Eye  – Caroline – Shine On – Electric Religion – Matter Of Time – Draw The Line






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