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Label: Independent

Release Date: March 30, 2018

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Indie new-comer Merritt Gibson recently released her debut album complete with twelve tracks that emotionally charged but not overwhelming or downtrodden, but rather eye opening and enlightening.  Disc opener “When You Were Mine” starts us off on an acoustically driven road that builds slowly through the verse and into the chorus, but the song feels full and complete, especially when the chorus explodes in sound and emotional driven vocals.  “Eyes On Us” is a great track that has all the trappings of a great pop song: melody, catchy chorus, and a sound that draws you in each time you hear it.  The vibe of this track gets the foot tapping and keeps you listening to more tracks hoping for more.  “My Best Friends” starts off with a fun percussion line that is quickly joined by the keyboards, guitars, and vocals.  This song keeps the pop quotient high and delivers one of the most contagious choruses on the disc and is another foot tapping track.  “Lovesick” is a cool track that seems to build on the track “Memories” with a similar sound that seems pumped up thanks to the addition of drums and lyrics that keep you engaged with a cool feel and groove.  “I Heard” has a driving beat that gives the song punch and nicely accompanies the vocals and the cool guitars that are woven throughout the track.  This track has a sound that takes me back to 80’s synth pop, thanks to the keyboards / guitar / drums combo.  “Burning Red Hot” opens with a different flavor that keeps you guessing where the song is headed musically, but the song soon falls into the pattern the rest of the tracks have laid out before it.

“Truth And Myth” slows the pace a bit after the two upbeat opening tracks, but the songs rich vocals and the musical accompaniment keep this song flowing and helps tie together other tracks on the disc while giving us a different sound and vibe.  “Memories” is another slower track that leans on the emotional lyrics and the vocal delivery.  The song is a beautiful swirl of keyboards, guitar, and vocals that reflects another side of Merritt and her songwriting.  “Cold War II” opens with an almost ominous sound from the keyboards and the melancholy vocals that kick in give the song a deeper sound and feel compared to others on the disc, it doesn’t veer too far from the path cut by the other songs on this collection.  The song pulls at the heart from opening note until the musical crescendo at the bridge and outro.  “Ghost Town” is another track that brings a melancholy vibe to the party.  The keyboards accentuate the song and give the vocals the perfect musical landscape to dance across.  The lyrics are poignant and are delivered with precision by Gibson’s haunting vocals.  “Area Code” is another ballad-like track that showcases Merritt’s voice paired up against a piano.  The chorus has a slight change in mood and direction, but it helps this song stand out against other tracks on the collection.  Disc closer “Faraway” takes us out on a mellow but good note.  There is plenty of Gibson’s lyrics and vocals wrapped around a cool musical accompaniment that gives you a sense of familiarity that seems to have been woven into this disc from top to bottom.  Who knows what some possible touring and transition into adulthood may do to Merritt’s lyrics and writing, but I for one can’t wait to find out!

Tracklisting: When You Were Mine – Eyes On Us – Truth And Myth – My Best Friends – Memories – Lovesick – Cold War II – I Heard – Ghost Town – Burning Red Hot – Area Code – Faraway






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