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LIVE: IMAGINE DRAGONS with Temper Trap, Perth – 12 May, 2018

| 15 May 2018 | Reply

LIVE: IMAGINE DRAGONS with Temper Trap, Perth – 12 May, 2018
Perth Arena, Western Australia – Saturday, 12 May, 2018
Reviewed by Kevin Curran
Photography by Damien Crocker

Imagine Dragons were in Perth for the very first time in support of their latest record Evolve, bringing Perth out in droves to jam pack the Arena.

Australian’s own Temper Trap opened the show, with myself only really being familiar with their hit from a few years back, Trembling Hands. This was the kinda sound I was expecting from the band going in, but there is a lot more to The Temper Trap sound than this. These guys were a lot rockier than expected and the Perth crowd were either already fans or were won over by the beautiful guitar textures of Joseph Greerand and the unique vocals of Dougy Mandagi. Kudos to bassist Jonathon Aherne, his gained-up bass was a treat to the ears, and it’s definitely worth checking out more from them if you only know a hit or two. They were the perfect opening band for the headliner.

Some great Evolutionary visuals accompanied by awesome build-up music brought Imagine Dragons out with a bang, kicking off with album opener I Don’t Know Why, while confetti shot out all over the place.

The album Evolve was represented heavily in this set, playing almost the entire album which shows how much belief the band has with this latest record. I would have to agree: the songs are well crafted and are made for playing live, as every chorus is one giant singalong.

Songs like Believer and It’s Time smashed it out of the ball park with the crowd – no warming up was necessary, they were behind the band from the start.

The brooding track Gold from the Smoke And Mirrors record was great live, as it is so different from the rest of the catalogue with its eerie whistling and dark overtones, while current hit Whatever It Takes was next, quite possibly receiving the best reaction the entire night with another big singalong chorus.

Imagine Dragons ride on the fine line of a few musical genres. Essentially if you break it down the are ‘rock’ but have managed to modernise the genre and make a sound which is their own.

Hearing frontman Dan Reynolds sing I found myself trying to figure out who his vocal influences are, and I struggled to come up with one. He has a great range of dynamic things he does with his voice that are unique, not to mention the guy is in great shape to boot, and with his shirt off the women in the crowd were going gaga.

The frontman opened up about his battles with depression, admitting that he regularly sees a therapist, and delivering a positive message for those in attendance who were also struggling – they weren’t alone, don’t leave us, reach out for help. It is rare to see a frontman open up like this and is refreshing to see that side of a rockstar, in that at the end of the day they are human too.

This great message lead perfectly in to the hit Demons, which a lot of those out there struggling could relate to in the message in this song.

Another hit, I’m On Top Of The World, was brought out next. It’s the kind of song where you scratch your head and think, ‘is this the same band?’ as it’s so different from the previous track. This one caters specifically to those who like it poppy and fun.

The band exited the stage and gave those in the cheap seats some up close and personal attention by making their way to a second, smaller stage set-up on the opposite end of the arena to showcase the acoustic side of the band, playing an array of material, the highlight being I’m Bleeding Out, which was simply beautiful.

It was back to the main stage to close the show with another hit in Thunder, and a great track from the latest record in Walking The Wire. Finally, the song which put the band on the map, Radioactive, included an extended section where all members got to showcase their musical skills.

As far as modern bands go, Imagine Dragons have to be up there amongst the most successful. They have the songs, they have the sound, they have the show. It can only grow from here and for a first visit to Perth it was one hell of an impact.


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