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| 12 September 2015 | Reply


Label: Island Records

Release Date: August 28, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest from Gin Wigmore is my first exposure to the artist, and I so happy to have found her.  This disc full of different textures and tones keeps the music flowing and unable to be pigeonholed by any specific genre.  “New Rush” kicks the disc off in a cool retro industrial meets techno groove that quickly adds a pop component that grows throughout the track.  The tempo and feel of the song keeps the foot tapping and the ears engaged.  “Nothing To No One” slows things down a bit, but this ain’t your momma’s ballad.  Wigmore’s vocals are a cool contrast against the darker hue and mood of the musical accompaniment.  “Black Parade” opens with a beautiful piano piece that sets the table for the melancholy feel of the track that is enhanced when Gin starts singing and the rest of the instrumentation kicks in.  “In My Way” is a beautiful piece that seems to have a little bit of everything in it, from the moody music to the poppy vocals and catchy chorus.  “DFU” is a charging track featuring a guitar work woven throughout it that adds punch to the vocals and the overall mood of the song.  The different vocal styles at the verse and chorus play off of each other and they both come out winners.

“This Old Heart” brings an ethereal tone to the disc while staying true to the vibe of the other tracks.  The vocals are slowed and seem to carry an emphasized meaning in their emotional delivery.  “Written In The Water” is a feel good track that brings a lighter groove to the disc, with its fun percussion and catchy chorus.  The pop sensibility of this track adds another texture to the fabric of this collection.  “Holding On To Hell” gives us a different style vocal track than most of the other songs offer on the disc, but it fits in the different sounds on this offering from Wigmore.  The droning guitar at times adds strength to the track.  “24” is another earthy track that seems to come to life at the chorus when Gin turns up the energy and power behind her vocals.  The song’s lyrics are driven home by her emotional delivery.  Disc closer “I Will Love You” is another track that seems to take a left turn from the other styles on the disc, but fits within the varying sounds and vibes.  The vocals are cool and crisp and swirl in the mix nicely against the tempered piano.  Do yourself a favor and don’t give up on the track when all seems to have faded… as Gin is ‘ready and willing’ to give you more!!!

Tracklisting: New Rush – Nothing To No One – This Old Heart – Black Parade – Written In The Water – In My Way – Holding On To Hell – DFU – 24 – I Will Love You






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