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Label: Golden Robot Records

Release Date: March 16, 2018

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

To quote the press release for the latest material from Little Caesar: “US Rock and Soul masters, Little Caesar have released their highly anticipated new album, 8, via Golden Robot Records. 8 is the band’s first studio album in six years – centered around front man Ron Young’s raspy, soulful vocals.  Disc opener “21 Again” kicks the doors open and takes us back through the bands catalog for a familiar sound that has resonated on every release since the debut.  The rock / blues mix is killer and keeps the foot tapping and head banging without getting too hard or aggressive.  “Mama Tried” keeps up the pace and fun of the opener with more of a straight ahead rocker with some fun blues riffs from original member Loren Molinare tossed in at the bridge to keep things interesting.  “Crushed Velvet” opens with a riff and sound that could have been ripped from the Black Crowes catalog, but soon morphs into another great track from Young and Co.  The song kicks along and has one of the more contagious choruses on the disc.  “Time Enough For That” is a fun ballad-like rocker that allows the band to relax and show a slightly softer side while maintaining the vibe and mood of the disc as a whole.  “Another Fine Mess” swirls more blues riffs wrapped in rock goodness into the mix and gives the vocals the perfect music landscape to dance across.  The layered backgrounds through the verse are as much fun as the piano interludes that saunter underneath the mix.  Paired with “Straight Shooter” this is the best one-two punch on the collection.

“Vegas” has a killer groove and bottom end that support the vocals from Ron Young and captures all of the rock and roll rebel vibe of the bands debut release (which is still in my normal rotation after all these years).  The chugging cadence grabs you and coaxes you to jump in and go along for the ride.  “Good Times” keeps the mood moving and the good times rolling… pun intended.  The drums from one of the founding members Tom Morris helps anchor the track while the guitars and vocals swirl in the mix giving the a modern edge and sound that combines what they do best with a heavier vibe, taking the track and disc into new territory without abandoning the formula that has become their sound over the years.  “Straight Shooter” rips the disc wide open from first note to last.  The vibe and cadence of the track are fun and keep the disc flowing perfectly.  Young’s vocals paired with Molinare’s guitars keep the duo locked in and racing for the end in unison.  This is one of the best tracks on the disc.  “Morning” slows the pace of the disc as we near the end, but the guitars really stand out on this track giving it added depth.  The vocals follow the ebb and flow of the music and demonstrate a more emotional side of the band as a unit, and it is a good thing!  Disc closer “That’s Alright” winds things down with a charging rocker that takes us out on a high note, with layered vocals, riffs galore that swirls rock and blues with a bit of punk flavor.  The disc is one of my favorites from the band’s catalog and will sit nicely against the debut in my regularly rotated discs.

Tracklisting: 21 Again – Mama Tried – Vegas – Crushed Velvet – Good Times – Time Enough For That – Straight Shooter – Another Fine Mess – Morning – That’s Alright – Mixed Signs (Bonus Track) – Slow Ride (Bonus Track)






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