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| 14 February 2018 | Reply

Label: Curry House Records

Release Date: February 16, 2018

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I saw the video for Erica Blinn’s new single and new I had to hear the whole disc – and I am so glad I have.  Opener and video track “Softer Side” comes across the speakers and grabs your attention, thanks to the slide and Phase 90 guitar work combined with Blinn’s vocals.  The groove of the track is almost as infectious as the chorus.  This track is a keeper on any playlist.  “Dreamer’s Heart” kicks off with some fun guitar and a different sound from the vocals in the mix, without deviating from the other songs and sounds on the disc.  The tempo is fun and keeps your foot tapping from start to finish.  “Suitcases And Truck Stops” slows things down for an Americana-filled blues track.  The vocals deliver the message of the song perfectly and the musical accompaniment is well-suited for the track.  Title track “Better Than Gold” is a cool song that builds from the opening, through the verse, and into the chorus.  The layered vocals give the song punch and depth that could benefit other songs on the disc.  “Big Chief And The Medicine Man” has a different vibe and groove compared to a lot of the other songs, but the tempo grabs you and doesn’t let go.  The vox and harmonica swirl nicely in the mix, elevating this track.  Disc closer “Loving You” is a simple song that comes straight at you with a heavy handed rhythm section and guitars that match the tone and feel of Erica’s vocals.

“Dance With The One (Who Brought You Here)” is a catchy track full of soaring vocals, some harmonica, and killer riffs that help build the track from verse to chorus and through the bridge.  The solo is cool and helps tie the different facets of the track together.  This track brings to mind (and ears) a sound very reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt, in my opinion.  “A Little Rain” starts off sounding like something leftover from a Petty recording session, but soon takes on a life of its own thanks to Blinn’s voice and the lyrics.  Once the chorus kicks in, you get wrapped up in the groove provided by the rhythm section and piano – and just try not to perk up when you hear Erica blow on her harmonica.  “Gypsy” is one of those tracks that floats through the air while listening to the disc… it doesn’t grab you, but it’s not bad.  The tempo is close to most of the others on the disc, but seems to slow the pace of the collection.  “Don’t You Be Lonely” is a beautiful ballad that I keep going back to when listening to the disc.  The pacing of the vocals is different, but fits among the rest of the songs perfectly.  This is another one that has that Raitt feel to it that stands out.  “When I’m With Suzie (I Do What I Want)” has cool guitars and a rousing horn section that gives the song a different texture, giving the disc another solid track – especially when the keyboard and guitars tango during the bridge.

Tracklisting: Softer Side – Dance With The One (Who Brought You Here) – Dreamer’s Heart – A Little Rain – Suitcases And Truck Stops – Gypsy – Better Than Gold – Don’t You Be Lonely – Big Chief And The Medicine Man – When I’m With Suzie (I Do What I Want) – Loving You






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