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Photo credit: Alan Snodgrass

According to a recent press release: “Multi-GRAMMY-nominated rock act NOTHING MORE will embark on a co-headlining U.S. tour with Better Noise Music labelmates Asking Alexandria from May 13 to June 19 with support from Atreyu and Eva Under Fire. On the upcoming run, NOTHING MORE will be sharing the first listen to new music from their long-awaited fourth studio album due later this year. The band revealed the first preview of their upcoming album by dropping the potent song and music video titled “TURN IT UP LIKE (Stand In The Fire)” in March and have also shared the first official radio single, “TIRED OF WINNING,” a high-energy rock anthem which they accompanied with a thought-provoking, sci-fi inspired music video. Since the band’s formation in 2003, NOTHING MORE has achieved massive success around the world–from touring with Thirty Seconds to Mars and embarking on The Warped Tour in 2007, to landing a record deal with Better Noise Music (formerly Eleven Seven Music) in 2014, later charting at #33 on the Billboard 200 with the Nothing More album, to topping Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Song chart and earning three Grammy nominations in 2017.” We get bassist Daniel Oliver on the phone to discuss new music, the process, the touring, and much more…

Toddstar: Daniel, I appreciate you taking time out. I know you are busy loading in at The Tabernacle.

Daniel: Actually we just finished sound check, so we’re ready to roll, baby.

Toddstar: Cool. I mentioned The Tabernacle. You’re in Atlanta tonight out on a co-headlining tour with Asking Alexandria. How is the tour going so far?

Daniel: Oh man. So far, I have to say this is the best start to a tour I think we’ve ever had, especially considering that we haven’t had a tour in about two and a half years. The first two shows were pretty uncomfortable, getting back into the muscle memory of engaging with an audience and finding your microphone on time kind of thing when it’s time to sing. All those little things that you only can ever practice on a stage figuring out all of that again. But I’d have to say though, the crowd is so energetic. This lineup I think is just awesome. Eva Under Fire’s a new group; we’re stoked to have them out on the road with us. We’re all massive fans of Atreyu. When they signed on to the bill, we all popped open a bunch of bottles of champagne. And Asking Alexandria, this is our first time to play with them outside of a festival really, but they’re killing it every night. They’re a very tight band. So yeah, it’s been fucking awesome so far.

Toddstar: Great. You’ve got an upcoming studio album and you released “Tired Of Winning,” which you guys are calling the first official single from the album, about three weeks ago. What can you tell us about the new album, but specifically the new single, “Tired Of Winning,” that the fans might or might not grab the first or second time they listen through?

Daniel: One big thing, depending on where you listen, this song is actually kind of a two-part song. There’s “Tired Of Winning,” that’s the main body of the song. There’s this outro bit that’s about two and a half minutes long that we titled “Shifts In The Night.” Initially we kind of had to split the tracks into two for radio. I think we’re actually trying to rejoin them now because we realized we kind of made a mistake and we want the whole song to be represented as one piece of art. So that’s one thing definitely everybody should know is to check out the music video version or I think on Sirius XM they’re spinning the full-length version. But other than that, this is our first song to mention aliens. That’s a big step for us as a band. I think me and Johnny kind of believe in aliens. We’re not out beating down the streets with the fact that they’re real or anything, but it was fun to kind of play with that metaphor. I’m trying to think of other things about this song in particular. The song was definitely born out of the COVID anxiety of are we going to get our shit together as a species and get through this or just kind of let it tear us apart? That was pretty neat to kind of be in the middle of some massive crisis like that and to be in the middle of writing a record. It was kind of interesting. This was one of those songs that came probably straight from some COVID inspiration.

Photo credit: Jody Domingue

Toddstar: Okay. It’s the second song that got dropped. It’s the first official radio single, but you guys also dropped “Turn It Up Like (Stand in the Fire).” That was poignant in that it talked about the state of the world right now and was also co-written by all four of you. How often is that an occurrence where a song is actually co-written by all four of you?

Daniel: For us, it’s actually every song. We encourage everyone to write together. I’ve met some groups where there’s obviously a principal song writer and sometimes they kind of want to keep the other members out of it because they feel maybe like they’ll make it worse or something like that. We’re just the total opposite. I feel like each one of us is kind of a filter, if you will. The more filters that it can go through at the end of the day, it is a more agonizing process, but we do feel like we get better songs and we’re all happy and we’re all content and feel connected. And yeah, it’s a better thing.

Toddstar: When you’ve got that kind of connection – and in a band, you hear the term brotherhood thrown around a lot – does it help build the camaraderie between you guys knowing this really is a team effort and not one main guy and everyone else pitching in?

Daniel: We all equal share responsibility. We all have to do things that we don’t like, and we try to split that up amongst everyone as well. From day one, I think one of the things that really helped us stay together and get as far as we did, we’ve always been a divide and conquer kind of group where in the very early days we’d all take a task. Jonny was in charge of booking. Mark was in charge of social media. I took care of the vehicle and logistics and also the money and stuff like that. What’s been cool is we did that forever and as we’ve grown, we’ve been able to keep that same work ethic, but now leverage other people to help us and do some of the more mundane tasks so we can stay on top of the things we’re here to do, like write music and for me build giant stage contraptions and things like that.

Toddstar: You mentioned stage contraptions and we have discussed touring. Nothing More puts on an amazing live show. I’ve been able to see you guys on several different types of stages. One of my favorites to see you on, and unfortunately this tour isn’t routed for it, is the stage at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.

Daniel: Oh yeah.

Toddstar: There’s something about the band and Flint. You guys are Texas boys yet, it’s like Flint welcomes you guys in like the second son. What is it about The Machine Shop and Nothing More than just works?

Daniel: That is a good question. Obviously the name, The Machine Shop and we have a machine on stage if you will, DrumTron. There’s just a spirit to that place. Before we even played there, I met the owner, Kevin. We were at a festival and he’s there just smoking a cigar. The guy that just sucks the air out of the room. He’s an awesome dude. I don’t even know if that’s the right expression. From the moment I met him, I was dying to play his club. To finally see it, it’s just an explosive environment. It’s really cool. He’s cultured a music scene there in Flint. People will drive and fly from all over to be a part of it. It’s always a blessing when we’re there. We’re always super pumped. Funny story. Jonny rides DrumTron up into the air to play The Scorpion Tail, the midi device that I built. The ceiling there is so low, the last couple times we played there, we had to go up and trim out nails that were coming through the ceiling from the tiles on the roof so Jonny wouldn’t scratch his head on them. He was that close. It took him all the way up to the ceiling.

Toddstar: That’s cool. Getting back to the single, you guys released the video for “Tired Of Winning” and, like you said, it kind of takes on the alien space scene. How much of the visualization and imagery for the video did you guys actually put into play while you were still writing and recording the music? Was the visual part of it there from the inception or is it something that cultivated its own life once the music was there?

Daniel: It was a little of both. I remember Johnny telling us a story that kind of birthed the original idea of the song. It was being around someone and like your third eye, your spiritual eye opens, and you can see someone for actually who they are. That’s an example of an image that we wrote the song around that ended up in the music video. There might not be any lyrics necessarily that directly point to that. That one was all kind of actually birthed at once.

Toddstar: Okay. Looking back on your career – you guys have been plugging away and really cranking at this since Nothing More’s inception in 2003 and you joining a year later. Looking back at the growth of the band and yourself, if you could go back and talk to Daniel in 2004 as you were starting this rock and roll ride, what piece of advice would you give yourself based on experience or knowledge you have now that you didn’t have then?

Daniel: That is a fantastic question. The main piece of advice would be to not worry about anything. When you’re a young band and you’re roughing it like on nothing, it just feels like a crisis is around every corner. It’s always a war zone, it feels like. I would let myself get a little too stressed out back then and not enjoy the moment. You could say that the stress is a motivator to work, but I think I would’ve had the same outcome whether stress or not. If anything, I probably missed some opportunities from being worried about something, being worried about the van breaking down, or if we’re just not going to make it at some point.

Toddstar: It took you a while to break through, but you guys did that in 2011. You’ve been just cranking through ever since. This summer, the band is on all the big festivals. With that success comes some of the other stuff. What are the things you miss the most when you’re out on tour or in the studio for days, weeks, months on end? What are those things in your daily life that you miss?

Daniel: Everything. I got married this last year; six months ago, actually. I have a brand-new life back at home waiting for me that I do miss terribly. We have two amazing Malamute-Wolf cross sled dogs and two cats. One thing I miss a lot about being home other than obviously my wife, friends, and family is just driving a car… having a car there that I can go and be by myself, go anywhere I want. I am a bit of a motor head. I do have my mountain bike with me, but it’s just not the same.

Toddstar: I get it. With the new album and the two singles, are there any songs on the new album that you know are just going to go over well and stand out that you think will always be part of a Nothing More live set?

Daniel: That’s a great question. On this next record, I think “Tired Of Winning” will be one of them. That’ll probably always be on a Nothing More set. There’s a new song, “Valhalla,” that I’m almost certain it’s not going to be a single. It’s like the heavy epic song of the album. I’m really curious to see and I’m hoping that audiences will gravitate towards that song. I don’t think it’s going to be like necessarily the initial get, but it’s a big, long, heavy, epic jam.

Toddstar: Cool. Every band’s got have its heavy anthem track that everybody looks back at on an album and that sounds like a great one. I can’t wait to check out the whole album. That said, I know you’re busy and I know you have things to do before you hit the stage, so one more thing. If you could go back to the history of time Daniel, what album stands out and means so much to you that you wish you could have been there, whether it was recording, writing, playing, just sitting in the room watching the magic happen?

Daniel: I think the first Led Zeppelin record. I think back to what just gave me the rock and roll goosebumps the first time and I’m pretty sure it was Led Zeppelin. It was John Bonham. I can’t picture the song because I was so young, but I remember really being turned on by his drumming and it just being this wild thing. In the history of music, I don’t know if there was a rock drummer that had ever existed like him before. I feel like he was one of the first drummers to bring about what is now modern drumming, even the double kick pedal kind of sound, the triplet rhythm on the kick before double kick was even invented. I would’ve just loved to have seen the magic happening with that group because like us they’re a three piece musically and just have the biggest sound known to man.

Toddstar: That’s an awesome choice. I mean, if you’re going to pick an album, that’s a good one to pick.

Daniel: Right?

Toddstar: Again, I appreciate the time. The band has the new album coming, tour dates, and the festival circuit. Hopefully we can get you guys back on the stage in Flint, Michigan at The Machine Shop soon.

Daniel: Yeah man, hopefully. I’m sure we will. I don’t think we could ever truly get away from The Machine Shop.

Toddstar: We wish you a great show tonight, safe travels, and hopefully we’ll be able to say hi soon.

Daniel: Yeah, for sure. Thanks Todd.







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