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| 7 March 2013 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: March 15, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

The seems to be a run on European rock these days, and a lot of it is really good.  Case in point is the latest release from The New Black.  “Innocence & Time” slams the disc into overdrive and doesn’t look back.  This rocker is guns blazing from the opening through the killer leads in the intro to the vocals that don’t let up.  This is gritty rock-n-roll and it is good.  “Count Me In” is next and from the moment you hear the opening note, you know this is going to be another rocker.  The chugging riff coupled with the monster bass line create a great vibe that gets better once the chorus charges in.  There is no questioning this song as choice for lead single off the disc.  “Muzzle & Blinkers” rolls out a little slow, but it still has a bit of swagger as it finds its groove.  Once you get to the second verse and bridge, this gains momentum and keeps the energy of the disc at a maximum.  “Superhuman Mission” is another rocker that goes full throttle, but this one has a different approach with the subdued riff between verses and choruses.  The guitar work during the verse is the best playing on the track, although the solo is great.  The drumming is powerful and the bottom line is shored up by the bass.  “Cut Loose” comes at you like a storm and rages in the name of rock.  This is another great rock track that features a little different twist on the vocals with higher notes and cool layering of background vox.  “Any Colour You Like (As Long As It’s Black)” is a mellow track.  Well, mellow for these guys.  This song is a cool track that lets the listener relax a moment and enjoy the tempo and pace of the track, along with the great playing by all parties.

“Burning D” features a cool guitar intro that fits a modern rock vibe.  The song gets a heavy injection from the lyrics and the bass line near the chorus.  The bass in punishing throughout the track and adds another dimension to the disc.  “Not Quite That Simple” opens the gate and comes straight at you.  The guitar leads the charge, but does not leave the drums and bass behind.  The lead underneath the chorus is different from other tracks here and uncovers yet another facet of this disc to love.  “Sharkpool” keeps the disc moving, but a with a little less tenacity as the previous tracks.  Not that it isn’t a great track, it just doesn’t stand out against some of the others.  “The Unexpected Truth” cranks the knob back up and gets the rock back on track.  The vocals draw you in and mix well with the guitars and rhythm section.  This is a great track to throw near the end of a disc, as it will keep the listener hooked until the end.  The bass playing underneath the vocals during the bridge is a nice touch.  “One Thing I Know” has a lot of tempo changes and mood shifts that leave it looking for an identity among other great tracks.  “Antidote” brings everything to the table and helps this disc close out as strong as it started.  The vocals have a different feel to them on this track, but it simply keeps the song from becoming just another track on a really good album.


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