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| 29 September 2016 | Reply


Label: Sand Hill Records

Release Date: September 9, 2016

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I love getting new music – my love for different genres and bands has come about because I was willing to take a chance on something or someone new.  The recent release from Letters From The Fire falls in this column as well.  Disc opener “Perfect Life” grabs your attention from the first note and helps ease you into the different sounds and textures these guys bring to the table.  The vocals on this track lead the charge while the pings and squeals of the guitar help this song stand out.  “Mother Misery” kicks off a bit slower than the previous track, but this is not your typical ballad.  The vocals are rich and nicely pairs up against the guitars and rhythm section.  “Bruised” is different, in that I expected a much heavier track with this title, but the emotionally charged lyrics are delivered perfectly by singer Alexa Kabazie.  The chorus is very melodic without being too heavy.  “My Angel” is a catchy track that leans heavily on chugging guitar riffs from Mike Keller and Cameron Stucky and more solid lead vocals.  The song shifts between different tempos and intensity that gives the song a different feel.  “Holy Ghost” is another song that leans on the vocals and guitars while the rhythm section of bassist Clayton Wages and drummer Brian Sumwalt anchor the track with a solid cadence.  “Control” unfolds like a demented track pulled from Alice Cooper’s song book, but soon morphs into a modern radio rocker complete with heavy guitar licks and pounding drums underneath the radio friendly vocals.  Disc closer “One Foot In The Grave” brings a twisted guitar sound and marries it with thumping bass lines and searing vocals all with one of the catchiest choruses on the collection.

“Give In To Me” is a little more aggressive track both musically and lyrically.  The tempo is heavy without becoming overbearing while Kabazie’s vocals shift between different vibes, giving the song a bit of punch, especially at the chorus.  This is one of the strongest tracks on the disc from the vocals and guitars to the bass and drums.  “Live A Lie” is a straight forward rocker that engages a heavy-handed bass line that anchors the track alongside pounding drums while the guitars and vocals swirl in the mix through the verses and choruses.  The bridge has a cool guitar solo and musical breakdown.  “Last December” brings together the different textures and grooves from other songs, marrying a ballad like lyric with lighter guitars and a milder tempo from the rhythm section.  “At War” slows the mood and tempo of the disc and opens beautifully with a cool piano / vocal duet.  Alexa’s vocals (lead and background) really shine on this track.  The shift in the vibe of this track gives the disc added depth.  Title track “Worth The Pain” rolls across the musical landscape and brings one of the better tracks to the mix.  The cadence of the track is infectious, the vocals soar across the verse and chorus, and the bottom end swirls perfectly with the guitars on this catchy track.  “Scars” is an ethereally charged ballad that has rocks out at the chorus without getting too heavy or taking away from the heartfelt lyrics, but the vocals and guitars help this song stand up among the other heavier tunes on the disc.  Keep your eyes and ears open for these guys… they are coming for you!!!

Tracklisting: Perfect Life – Mother Misery – Give In To Me – Bruised – Live A Lie – My Angel – Last December – Holy Ghost – At War – Control – Worth The Pain – Scars – One Foot In The Grave






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