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| 27 April 2018 | Reply

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: March 9, 2018

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Myles Kennedy has finally done it… stepped out from under the umbrella that is a rock band.  After outings with Mayfield Four, Slash, and Alter Bridge, Kennedy has poured himself into a solo effort – and the wait was well worth it on this incredible disc that offers up not only a stripped down Kennedy, but a more personal one.  Disc opener “Year Of The Tiger” of course has the killer vocals we are accustomed to, but they are stronger in a more muted way… a paradox indeed, but this track is strong and in your face while showcasing an acoustic side of Myles that we aren’t familiar with.  “The Great Beyond” keeps up with the opener with a little more forceful musical track, but the songs structure and vibe carry this song and help it blend with the others on this collection, as does the catchy lyric. If you run out and grab the disc with bonus material, you will get a demo acoustic version of this track, along with a couple others.  “Devil On The Wall” is a gritty tune that opens with a twisted vocal that quickly morphs into another blazing Kennedy track, along with a feel-good cadence compliments of the rhythm section duo of Zia Uddin on drums and Tim Tournier on bass.  “Turning Stones” is a cool darker track – much like a spider… it draws you in and catches you in the lyrical web forcing you to submit to the strength of the song and the musicianship.  “Mother” is another deeply personal track where the lyrical content and the soul bearing vocals dance together in the mix giving the track the attention and emphasis it needs.  “Love Can Only Heal” is a great song with amazing guitar work that leans into killer rock territory.  The vocals are amazing and the vibe of the song flows perfectly from opening note to last.  The track grows and keeps you engaged.

Blind Faith” has a bluesy slide guitar that anchors the track and I can’t help but get drawn in each time I hear this one.  The song gets a push from the layered vocals at the bridge and into the choruses.  This swampy rocker is one of my personal favorites each time I listen through the disc.  “Ghost Of Shangri La” is one of the catchier and more contagious songs on the disc, with Kennedy’s familiar vocals leading the way.  The guitar work is cool and adds depth and punch to the track, but without overshadowing the killer vocals and the fun bottom end from the rhythm section.  “Haunted By Design” is a mainstream style track that seems ready to take off at any time – waiting for an electric guitar solo to rip its way through the song, much like the acoustic that tears into the bridge.  The percussion and bass that kick in give this track a cool cadence and feel.  This is another of the demo bonus tracks available.  “Nothing But A Name” kicks off like with a Stone Temple Pilots vibe, but soon we are off and running with another track that is all Kennedy.  This songs chorus is solid and catchy, the lyrics are emotionally charged, and the musicianship is great, making this one of my favorites on the disc.  This song is also available as a demo on the bonus material.  “Songbird” is a contagious song that gets the foot tapping and the head banging, regardless of the acoustic vein.  This track could be placed anywhere on this disc and be killer.  The vibe created by Myles’ vocals and the blend of guitars, drums, and bass really elevate this song.  Closer “One Fine Day” takes us out on a high note that makes it easy to start the disc over time and time again.  The cadence is perfect, the vocals are some of the best on the disc, and the swirl of the music underneath it all is a great blend that keeps this song flowing.  While a departure from the norm for Myles, we can only hope this side of him doesn’t slip back into the background moving forward…

Tracklisting: Year Of The Tiger – The Great Beyond – Blind Faith – Devil On The Wall – Ghost Of Shangri La – Turning Stones – Haunted By Design – Mother – Nothing But A Name – Love Can Only Heal – Songbird – One Fine Day






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