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| 22 September 2016 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: August 26, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic rock typically rolls through my speakers and into my ears with pleasurable results.  The debut release from Cruzh is no exception to the rule, as this 11-track disc is full of great AOR and melodic rock moments.  Disc opener “In N’ Out Of Love” starts off with a keyboard intro that gets a pick me up when the bass kicks in and then is joined by the guitars.  The riffs are cool and take you back to a generation of rock gone by.  The vocals accentuate the musical track perfectly and with this great first track we are off and running.  “First Cruzh” brings a power packed vocal strain the marries big lead vocals with a wall of sound background vocal laid on top of a keyboard driven musical counterpart that drives home the sound and groove of the disc.  “Anything For You” is the first ballad on the disc and it fares well when stacked up against the other songs here.  The piano / vocal duet through the intro, first verse and chorus is a beautiful piece that gives us a listen to the strength of the music and band without having the sound dialed up to 10.  “Stay” has a cool 80’s groove to it that marries the ballad and rock sides of the band without leaning to heavily into one or the other.  The vocals really stand out on this song.  “You” unfolds like a symphonic track thanks to the keyboards, but the vocals and guitars that kick in at different sections point you straight into AOR rock territory.  “Before I Walk Alone” is a song that seems driven from the first note to the last.  The guitars are steady and provide the perfect road map for the song, while the keyboards, vocals, and rhythm section dial in and merge perfectly with the six-string attack.

“Aim For The Head” opens with a mellower feel and groove than most of the tracks on this disc, but as soon as we cross the first bridge into the verse, the song gets a chugging riff that packs a punch when paired with the heavy handed bass and pounding drums.  “Survive” delivers a sexy groove that is full of swagger and funk.  The bass lines underneath thump and thunder while the guitars and vocals come together on top of the mix.  The drums add a little more anchor to the bottom end through the chorus and bridges.  “Hard To Get” is a great melodic track that allows the guitars to soar in the mix while the keyboard anchors the melody and the vocals sway in the musical wind.  The cadence provided by the bass and drums get the foot tapping from verse to chorus and back again.  “Set Me Free” brings some of the coolest guitar solos to the table as well as a great vocal that relies heavier on melody than a soaring range, that is until the chorus hits.  The grittier vocal at the chorus is one of the strongest on the disc and gives the disc a little more depth and dimension.  Disc closer “Straight From My Heart” is a cool acoustic track that slowly gains steam and becomes a full-on power ballad.  The guitars and keyboards work in tandem to provide a cool tapestry for the vocals to weave in and out of.  This may take us out on a mellower vibe, but not any weaker than any other track on the disc.

Tracklisting: In N’ Out Of Love – First Cruzh – Aim For The Head – Anything For You – Survive – Stay – Hard To Get – You – Set Me Free – Before I Walk Alone – Straight From My Heart




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