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CD REVIEW: ECLIPSE – Armageddonize

| 27 February 2015 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: February 24, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic rock has made a resurgence in the last couple years, but the latest from Eclipse builds on that sound and gives it a harder edge, while incorporating the vocals and guitar work that gives melodic rock punch.  “I Don’t Want To Say I’m Sorry” opens the disc with a powerful melodic sound that gives the disc a direction and a kick in the ass for good measure.  The guitars are full and well matched to the vocals.  If this song doesn’t make you take note, nothing will.  “Stand On Your Feet” keeps the rock coming, but adds a bit of crunch and attitude, courtesy of the guitar work.  The chugging rhythm underneath the Magnus Henriksson lead riffs are solid.  “Blood Enemies” comes across like a guitar driven track during the intro, but the rest of the band kicks in and this song takes on a life of its own.  Erik Mårtensson’s vocals harken back to a metal era gone by, but also gives the song a modern feel.  “Live Like I’m Dying” is a beautiful piece that combines the mood of a ballad, with emotional vocals, and a heavy drum sound that gives this song bite.  “Love Bites” is not to be confused with any other tracks with a similar title or theme.  The pace of the track gives added urgency to the lyrics, as do the layered vocals at the chorus.  “All Died Young” is a great track that closes the disc with a killer tempo and full sound that seems to allow the bass to control the sound and pace of the song.

“The Storm” opens with an airy guitar part, but soon morphs into a cool MOR tune, complete with big vocals, chugging riffs, and a heavy bottom end, thanks to drummer Robban Bäck and bassist Magnus Ulfstedt.”  “Wide Open” is a great track that combines the guitars and keyboards into a melodic untertone that drives the song, while supporting the vocals – especially at the chorus.  “Breakdown” has a cool guitar intro that sounds unlike anything else on the disc, but also makes it stand out among the other tracks.  The tempo of the track, combined with the diverse sounds, give the song depth, but the vocals from Mårtensson complete the track with an attitude that combines everything good about melodic and modern rock.  “Caught Up In The Rush” is a solid track that features a heavier bottom end than some of the other tracks, and Bäck shines from first note to last, keeping perfect time for this track while adding flourish to the sound.  “One Life – My Life” is a great track that has an arena/anthemic feel to it.  The big vocals at the prechorus and bridge build the sound of the track up, while the various guitar pings and squeals reflect some of the bands influences.





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