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Label: RidingEasy Records

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started listening to the newest release from Electric Citizen, as a lot of bands have taken up the flag of classic heavy metal lately, but I am really glad I listened all the way through this disc, as it gets better and better with each song and each spin.  Disc opener “Evil” has chugging riffs, pounding bottom end thanks to the drums, and a dark vibe-filled bass line.  Once the vocals kick in, the song gets a little lighter due the higher register of front woman Laura Dolan.  “Social Phobia” brings more chugging riffs from guitarist Ross Dolan and a steady rhythm section supporting the soaring vocals from Laura.  The song builds on the heavy tone of the first track without sounding repetitive.  “Devils In The Passing Time” jumps at you from the first note and seems to build in momentum throughout the track, without increasing the intensity or tempo.  This is a great track that benefits from cool keyboards in the mix.  “Higher Time” grabbed me as the song slowly unfolded through a drawn out intro, but kept my attention for the duration of the track due to the swirling sounds in the track that built a cool vibe that encompasses the tone of the rest of the tracks in one song.  “Natural Law” has chugging riffs and a solid bottom end from the rhythm section, but benefits from the Laura’s delivery of the lyrics.  You can feel the emotion drip through the musical accompaniment and help hold the song together through different transitions between verse, chorus, and bridge.

“Misery Keeper” brings a different texture to the disc, with some cool percussion and a different groove underneath the vocals.  The guitars strum along and keep the song flowing while Nate Wagner’s drumming keeps the tempo locked in from open to close.  “Golden Mean” is different from most of the other tracks on the disc during the intro, but soon morphs into a track that could just as easily been ripped from Black Sabbath’s song book.  The vocals are awesome and add depth to the track while the guitars dance in the mix underneath the basic track.  “Ghost Of Me” is another Sabbath-like track that gets a kick in the ass from Wagner’s drums and the solid droning bass from Randy Proctor.  The song adds keyboards that combine perfectly with the guitars and build a cool foundation for Dolan’s lead vocals.  “Crux” adds a cool bluesy feel to the mix, without losing the heavy metal groove.  Ross Dolan’s guitars are full and mix well with the lead vocals while the bass kicks along in the background keeping the song steady, without getting too heavy or bogged down.  Disc closer “Two Hearted Woman” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  This song delivers as much punch as any other track on the disc, while clocking in at less than three minutes.  The chorus is catchy and brings the disc to a close with a “Sweetleaf”-ish vibe that gets a kick from the keyboards that punctuate the chorus.  Be sure to check out the bridge for one of the best guitar solos on the collection.

Tracklisting: Evil – Social Phobia – Misery Keeper – Devils In The Passing Time – Golden Mean – Higher Time – Ghost Of Me – Natural Law – Crux – Two Hearted Woman





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