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Live Review – Taylor Swift, Red Tour – Perth, WA, 11 December 2013

| 12 December 2013

Live Review – Taylor Swift, Red Tour
nib Stadium, Perth, Western Australia
Wednesday, 11 December 2013
By Shane Pinnegar
With Tia & Trulie Pinnegar

Taylor Swift Red Tour Australia

Regular readers will be well aware that Taylor Swift’s brand of teenage-girl-friendly pop is WAYYYYY lighter than this reviewer’s regular fare, but we’re there for the best reason of all – our six year old daughter’s first stadium concert, who – like the many thousands of other predominantly kids and teenagers present – walked away ecstatic, having lapped up every note.

Tia excitedly reported that the show was “excellent – I loved all the dancers and costumes, and the last song [We Will Never Ever Get Back Together] was just amazing, with fireworks and confetti and everything!”

To put it into context with a little more gig experience, despite the almost-24 year old-going-on-perpetual-teen’s prolific love life and every second song seemingly about another breakup (not what a father wants their six year old singing along to, believe me), and several long-winded song intro’s, Swift proved to have an extremely positive message – she didn’t reveal oodles of flesh like many her age. She never cussed. And the message in her songs remains predominantly positive – anti-bullying, pro-love and encouraging of expressing your true feelings to those who matter.

In short, Swift puts on a great show, with a myriad of dancers and costume changes, and even though it’s hyper-choreographed down to the last glance left or right at the cameras projecting her cute visage larger-than-life to every seat in the house, she’s still out there making a case for real music, real songs, and real singing (we couldn’t spot any miming from the singer or her large, though anonymous, backing band).

Albeit infinitely more relevant to the kids ten and twenty years younger than Swift than those of us older than her, and on the most sanitised, over-produced end of the rock n’ roll scale, this was still live music, and if just ten percent of the sold out crowds at any of her concerts use her as a gateway to go on to further explore live rock music, and some of them develop a taste for something more visceral and raw, then the music industry owes her a debt of gratitude.

Personally, I’d rather kids were watching and listening to this extremely talented and canny performer than glorifying the sort of turgid, manufactured dross or ‘teenage sex worker’ image that many of her fellow “pop stars” peddle.
Set List:
State Of Grace
Holy Ground
The Lucky One
You Belong To Me
Begin Again
Sparks Fly
I Knew You Were Trouble
All Too Well
Love Story
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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