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| 16 February 2016 | Reply


Label: Cooking Vinyl / Dine Alone Records

Release Date: February 5, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There has been a change or two with The Cult since their last release, but like they say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  The latest offering dishes up twelve new classics with new bassist Chris Chaney (and contributions from produced Bob Rock), but classic vocals and riffs from Astbury and Duffy respectively.  Disc opener “Dark Energy” opens with a killer guitar part that rides alongside some great drumming.  Once the lead vocals kick in on the verse, all bets are off and we are strolling along on another superb track from The Cult.  “No Love Lost” follows the opening and keeps a cool groove alive, while changing up the vibe and tempo with a tribal drum opening and solid guitar part from Billy Duffy.  As the vocals drop by, the ethereal tones of the track drone on through the verse.  As the chorus kicks in, we realize we are in the throes of a cool track with classic Cult overtones.  “In Blood” is a moodier track that benefits from Ian Astbury’s darker delivery of the vocals, coming off like a melancholic Bowie.  The sound returns to more of a Cult feel at the chorus, but swirls back to a different texture at the verse and bridge.  Chris Chaney and his bass open the lead single, “Hinterland,” and the rest of the band soon tosses their contribution into the mix, creating another fun Cult track that should go over well in a live setting.  The bass and drums swirl together, anchoring the catchy vibe on this song while Astbury croons atop the track.  “Deeply Ordered Chaos” is another great track on this disc that shows how close to the bone the bands keeps its classic sound while lending itself to the maturity and growth in the band since its last release.  The guitars bleed into the foundation of the track while keyboards, courtesy of Jamie Muhoberac, add depth.  Duffy’s solo at the bridge is one of the best on the disc.  “Lillies” is another melancholic track that allows Ian to do what he does best, while the rest of the band serves up a cool rocker that gives us light and dark shades, as well and hard and soft sounds.

“Dance The Night” brings a fun tempo and groove to the party.  The vocals from Astbury, combined with Duffy’s guitars and the solid drums of Tempesta, deliver a cool poppier feel and sound than on a lot of other Cult tracks.  The chorus is catchy and the cadence of the track gets the foot tapping.  “Birds Of Paradise” is another track that brings together the classic Cult feel and sound, but blends them with other sounds, updating The Cults aural legacy.  The tempo of this song is steady and benefits from the great beat from Tempesta.  Producer Rock contributed the heavy handed bass lines on this track, as well as “Dance The Night” and “Deeply Ordered Chaos.”  “G.O.A.T.” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc, as it showcases each of the players in the band individually and collectively.  The guitar solos and riffs are perfect for the song and play well against the vocals.  The drums are monster and sit perfectly in the rhythm section with the bass.  “Avalanche Of Light” is a straight on rocker that really showcases Astbury’s vocals and highlights the subdued guitar solo from Duffy at the bridge.  The groove of this track is classic Cult and gets the foot tapping while the head is banging.  This is another of my favorites on the collection, due to its catchy rock vibe.  “Heathens” is a chunky track full of rhythm and guitars.  The vibe created by the combination of the vocals and guitars helps the song take on a life of its own that differentiates from other songs on the disc without sounding misplaced.  The chorus brings the track together and keeps it within the parameters of the other songs here.  Disc closer “Sound & Fury” brings a cool jazz-like feel to the end of the disc.  Dan Chase provides additional percussion that blends perfectly with Tempesta and a killer piano/keyboard piece that dances underneath the vocals.  The real star of this song is the emotional vocals of Astbury.  I am not sure how it come across live, but this would be a cool addition to their live set.

​Tracklisting: Dark Energy – No Love Lost – Dance The Night – In Blood – Birds Of Paradise – Hinterland – G.O.A.T. – Deeply Ordered Chaos  – Avalanche Of Light – Lillies – Heathens – Sound & Fury






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