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| 7 January 2016 | 1 Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: January 15, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Unknown is right – until this was sent to me, I had never heard of Gary Noon or Walking With Giants.  Let me say now, based on the first spin through this disc, I have been missing out and if you don’t know who they are, so have you!  The disc kicks off with the instrumental piece “Worlds Unknown Part 1.”  The piano offset with guitars and other sounds builds a perfect foundation for this disc and the perfect launch for the next track.  “Broken Truth” brings a solid vocal from Noon, combined with smooth guitars and a great rhythm section, giving the song a sound that is hard rock merged with modern radio rock.  “Bound” opens with a great riff, but is given a lot of punch by the bass and drums from Brian Marshall and Morgan Rose respectively.  The groove of the track is heavy without becoming overbearing.  “Endless Road” sounds like a modern rock power ballad musically at the intro, but soon morphs into a cool mellow rocker that is more power than ballad.  The chugging guitars compliments of Clint Lowery give the song depth.  “Guilty One” brings a heavy handed bass line from Marshall that keeps the track anchored, even when the guitars and vocals seem to want to take flight and steer the mood of the track in a different direction.  “Worlds Unknown Part 2” brings the disc to a close with a slight twist on the intro track, by adding a heavier groove and sound to the piano and guitar, twisting it into a darker feeling piece.

“Back To Life” starts off a bit slow, but soon the guitars pick up the tempo and give the song a boost, keeping it on par with the previous track.  The vocals are full and keep the song flowing like a lot of other modern rock tracks, but different at the same time thanks to the layered background vocals.  “Heavy Hand” has a lighter sound that is accentuated by a quicker tempo than most of the other tracks.  The songs flow shifts slightly at the bridges as the song moves from verse to chorus and back.  Gary’s vocals are steady and give the tune a seamless feel.  “The Now” marries a lot of the different components and pieces of the other tracks, while taking on a softer edge underneath the vocals, guitars, and steady rhythm section.  Rose’s drumming stands out on this track, thanks to a tribal groove.  “Different Voice” demonstrates the bands ability to sound a bit different while staying within the framework of the other tracks on the disc. The guitars from Lowery stand out at the bridge, especially when a blistering solo kicks in and soars above the track.  “Solid Ground” features a cool riff wrapped around killer drums that are supported in the mix with a punchy bottom end.  The vocals add a different texture to the song, showing off a different feel from Noon as a vocalist on what I feel is one of the strongest tracks on the disc.

​​​​​​​​Tracklisting: Worlds Unknown Part 1 – Broken Truth – Back To Life – Bound – Heavy Hand – Endless Road – The Now – Guilty One – Different Voice – Solid Ground – Worlds Unknown Part 2






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