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My Darkest Days – Sick And Twisted Affair

| 16 September 2012 | Reply

Label: Mercury Records

Release Date: March 26, 2012

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

How can you go wrong with a band who released singles about “Porn Star Dancing” and “Casual Sex” from each of their first two releases? In most cases I would say it depends, but when it is My Darkest Days, you have two of my favorite albums of the last 3 years. These guys have found a formula for success and I for one am very glad they have. Having seen these guys several times on their last touring cycle, I really anticipated a killer new album from them, hopefully building on their previous success.

“Sick And Twisted Affair” is a great way to kick this disc off. It features a killer groove and some of the best harmonies around. This is a hauntingly great rock song. “Save Yourself” and its piano intro are very misleading. Matt Walst kicks in with a killer scream and puts this one into gear. The drumming from Doug Oliver is perfect on this track. “Casual Sex” brings all the sex, fun, and swagger of “Porn Star Dancing” while taking it to the next level. This has all the components of a good arena rock song – killer riff, sing-song chorus, and a great fist pumping rhythm. “Stutter” builds on the last album and all the songs before it on this disc. You can hear the growth in the bands ability. The guitar work from Sal Costa is killer and nicely enhanced by contributions from Matt and keyboardist Reid Henry.

“Nature Of The Beast” is another song that would go over well live. I instantly want to tap my foot and get into the rhythm of this one every time it comes on. “Perfect” is an awesome rocking ballad. How can it not be with a line ion the chorus like: “how dare she be so perfect/what did I do to deserve this?” This also features killer background vocals and layering. “Again” pushes the direction back to riff filled rock. This song fits so well into the rock mold the band has created. I can see Brendan slamming the strings of his bass to this one. The rhythm section of this one is among the best on the disc.

“Gone” is probably the one true ballad on the disc. I like that you can actually hear the emotion in Matt’s voice. These guys get it. “Love Crime” adds dimension to the disc while remaining true to the formula used throughout. Though similar in structure to others on the disc, but is recognizably different. Bonus track “Rolling Stoned” has a very guitar driven sound compliments of Sal and could have just as easily been one of the lead tracks. I don’t think these guys know how to write a bad song.

If you were smart enough to buy the deluxe edition you also get the rock mix of “Casual Sex” and the songs “Like Nobody Else” and “Every Lie” – remixes of two tracks from their last release. I have to be totally honest… I was hoping for the physical release of the iTunes bonus track “Fucked Up Situation” form their last disc (one of the best unreleased songs EVER).

My Darkest Days was one of those bands to watch for. Now they are one of those bands you can watch skyrocket to the top. They know what it takes to please their fans and, most importantly, know how to deliver it. The only problem they have now as I see it is how to build on this disc or its predecessor. Well done gentlemen, well done.

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