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CRASHDIET – The Savage Playground

| 2 February 2013 | 1 Reply


Label: Frontiers Records

Release Date: January 22, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

I have to admit, although these guys are supposed to be one of the bands to lead the charge for the return of glam/sleaze rock (a genre near and dear to my heart), I wasn’t overly impressed with their last effort.  That said, I listened to this disc with slight hesitation and they won over.  This disc is great rock and roll, written from the heart and crotch.  “Change The World” opens the disc and gives us a nice preview of what is to come over the next 50 minutes.  The vocals are big and the riffs bigger.  This may not be a 1985 Sunset Strip diamond, but damn close.  “Cocaine Cowboys” comes along and builds on the last track, with a sing along chorus and rocking guitar solo.  The rhythm section is pounding here and adds just the right touch to the track.  “Anarchy” is next and demonstrates this disc is just getting better.  The bass line drives the track, while the bridge and chorus take this to the next level.  “California” is another great song that hearkens back to the 80’s, but keeps its feet planted in the here and now.  The chorus stands out and is just a great track to listen to whether rocking out or working away in the office.  “Lickin’ Dog” is the stereo typical sleaze track, written with sex and debauchery in mind.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those songs, but this is almost cliche.  The guitar solo is the redeeming factor here.  The solo adds a little depth to not only the track, but the disc, as it is unlike most of the other solos here.  “Circus” follows and the guitar riff, along with the pounding drums and bass, really crank the attitude of this tune to 11.  This is one of the best tracks on this disc.

“Sin City” is another rocker that lends itself to some quality headbanging, even in a work situation.  This track really leans on influence from the past while remaining relevant and current.  The chorus is fun and light, just as good cock rock should be.  “Tonight’s The Night” keeps the mood good and rock hard.  The guitars stand out on this track, as does the vocals, including a Van Halen-esque higher range mirror or background vocal.  This adds depth to the song.  “Drinkin’ Without You” is a cool rocker that dials it down a little, to keep with the theme of the lyrics.  This is about as close to a ballad as this band gets, but it ain’t your Mom’s type of ballad.  The bridge and solo are filled with fun and keep everything moving along.  “Snakes In Paradise” isn’t one of my favorites here.  It is not like anything else on the disc, so you have to give the band credit for doing something different, but it just didn’t seem to fit the rest of the disc.  “Damaged Kid” returns the band to the pace of the disc previously established.  The vocals are rocking, the guitars are explosive, and the drums and bass are more than capable on this track.  This is another favorite on the disc.  “Excited” is a good track to close the disc with.  It is a little different from the rest of the track, but not too far a departure to end with.

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