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| 12 September 2015 | Reply


Label: Prospect Park

Release Date: September 4, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

For any band, the goal is to top their last release and for Five Finger Death Punch, this was going to be no small feat, as The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, Volumes 1 & 2 were both great discs (with my personal favorite – and workout soundtrack – being Volume 1).  With their latest, Got Your Six, the band is ready to prove they can grow musically while staying true to their sound.  Disc opener and title track “Got Your Six” comes screaming out of the gate and into the metal battlefield.  The songs heavy lyrics are matched only by the familiar sounding vocals of front man Ivan Moody who sound like he means every word he is singing.  Lead single “Jekyll And Hyde” has a cool backstory, as the first verse was actually lifted from an email Moody sent to guitarist Jason Hook.  The musical accompaniment builds the track and sets the pace for the rest of the disc.  The cadence of the track is what sets it apart from anything the band has done to date.  “Ain’t My Last Dance” features great guitar work from both Jason Hook and Zoltan Bathory.  The pacing of the song shifts between verse, chorus, and bridge, while constantly building an aggressive feel regardless of the tempo.  “No Sudden Movement” opens with Chris Kael’s heavy handed bass leading the charge… until the guitars and drums kick into high gear.  The vocals swirl in the mix with the guitars creating a solid top end for the track.  The second single “Hell To Pay” brings chugging riffs and the drone of bass to the table, but the solid drumming of Jeremy Spencer gives song extra drive and stability, while the guitar solos run rampant over the bridge.  “Meet My Maker” is a solid track that leans into the band’s sound from albums gone by, while adding a modern twist and punch to the song.

“Wash It All Away” brings the aggressive drumming and bass together with the bands twin guitar attack for a great interlude before Moody brings his vocals to the table.  The chorus keeps the track grounded and gives it that classic 5FDP feel, while the song itself demonstrates the band has built on their sound.  “My Nemesis” has great guitar work, but the pounding bass lines and bombastic drumming provide a killer bottom end and anchor for this track, keeping it from running away during the catchy chorus.  “Question Everything” opens with a mellow groove that slowly builds into a monster of an interlude that shifts back to a more laid back feel… well, as laid back as these guys get.  The lyrics are poignant and the emotion in Moody’s vocals drives the point home.  “Digging My Own Grave” is the bands version of a ballad… well, musically any way.  The guitars are simple and solid, while the vocals dress the chorus.  The rhythm section of Spencer and Kael keep the song grounded, even at the chorus when the vocals and guitars seem to shift the emotion and mood of the track.  Disc closer “Boots And Blood” is the quintessential Five Finger Death Punch track, as it has every trick the band has thrown into its bag over the years… the vocals that shift cadence and emotion, guitars that lead the charge without taking over the track, heavy bass lines that dance in the bottom end with the tempo controlling drums.  Well done guys – you were obviously up to the challenge of building on your previous efforts… and it shows!

Tracklisting: Got Your Six – Jekyll And Hyde – Wash It All Away – Ain’t My Last Dance – My Nemesis – No Sudden Movement – Question Everything – Hell To Pay – Digging My Own Grave – Meet My Maker – Boots And Blood






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