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CD REVIEW: 21 OCTAYNE – Into The Open


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: May 27, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Don’t judge a book, er… a CD, by it’s cover.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first heard the EPK for the new release from 21 Octayne.  “She’s Killing Me” shoots out of the gate and this is a rocker that features some cool fusion style riffs and solos as well some killer vocals.  “Dear Friend” opens with a cool acoustic intro and what sounds like a phone call gone wrong.  Soon the band kicks in and this song takes on a heavier groove than the last track.  “Don’t Turn Away” opens with a great jazz-rock fusion inspired bass line that seems to steer the direction of the track.  The vocals add a rock touch that gives this song an edge that makes it one of the better on the disc.  “Into The Open” is a cool ballad that morphs into a great rock track that features soaring vocals and lofty guitar parts that take charge and lead this song through the bridge.  “The Heart (Save Me)” brings more of the same great rock to the forefront, while letting the rhythm section help direct the song, especially during the bridge and breakdown, before the guitar solo takes charge and drives this track home.

“Turn The World” is a solid rocker that treats us to some cool guitar parts, while allowing the rhythm section to take the song and run with it.  The drumming is great and pairs well with the thumping bass line.  “My Teddy Bear” is a heavy track that gives the bass and guitars a work out.  This track keeps you guessing as to where it is headed, but the fusion feel really gives the disc a bit more depth and keeps things fresh.  “Me Myself And I” is a true rock track that brings the band to the table and allows them to showcase their talents, both individually but as a group.  This song really brings all of the tracks together and anchors the disc.  “Your Life” opens with a heavy vibe that gains steam and attitude as the tempo increases.  Even after the verse kicks in and the vocals seem to drop the energy, this track kicks into full gear during the chorus and proves this disc, and all the tracks on it are for real.  A limited edition release of this disc also includes the ballad “I Will Always Be Right There,” and rockers “Leave My Head” and “Come Alive.”  While giving the disc a softer touch with the ballad, the last two tracks give another glimpse into the fusion side of the band on the former and a straight melodic approach to rock in the latter.

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