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| 11 June 2015 | Reply


Label: Deadline Music / Cleopatra Records

Release Date: June 9, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I love my 80’s/90’s rock / hair metal / glam rock or whatever you prefer to call it in the day and age of every style of rock music having a sub-genre tag or label.  The Marq Torien led BulletBoys have unleashed a great disc that takes some of the best facets of an era gone by and added some modern touches without losing the original flavor of the band.  Disc opener “Rollover” comes charging out of the gate, as most BulletBoys discs and songs do.  The guitars are sharp, the rhythm section tights, and the vocals as good as anything the band did 25 years ago.  “Tsunami” has a bit more modern flavor than the previous track, but the way the vocals and guitars dance together, especially at the choruses and bridge give this a cool vibe.  “The Villain” leans into the past and grabs a bit of influence from the bands previous hit “THC Groove.”  The vocals are cool, but the drumming and heavy handed bass lines cannot be disregarded, as they drive the track.  “Saving You From Me” brings a sexy cool swagger to the disc with a bass line that gets the hips moving, catchy lyrics, and vocals that are smoky and perfect for the musical accompaniment.  This track should go over well live.  “Superhuman Girl” blends a cool sound from the guitars with a heavy handed bass line.  The verse seems heavy and intense, especially when Marq’s vocals kick in as the chorus merges.  This is a cool modern twist on the classic BulletBoys sound.  Title track “Elefante'” is a totally modern, as well as totally instrumental, glimpse at the bands sound.

“Symphony” starts off slow and steady, allowing Marq to show off the lower register of his vocals, but the song quickly morphs into an anthemic track built to be played live for a room full of BulletBoys fans.  The tempo is perfect and the vocals explosive.  This song should create a wave of banging heads and tapping feet.  “Kin Folk” is a mellower track that gives us a different look at Torien’s writing and influences, as well as a his vocals.  This song has a down home feel good groove that leans more on an acoustic guitar and the lead vocals than chugging riffs, heavy drumming, or thumping bass lines.  The lyrical content is hardly that of a ballad, but this is about as close as BulletBoys get.  “As Dumb As” opens with a toned down guitar and Marq’s vocals leading the charge.  This song demonstrates Torien can actually write and sing from the heart as well as he does from other parts further south.  The build up at the chorus and bridge keep this track from getting too soft.  “Drop Your Weapon” takes great vocals, blends in some different guitars, swirls in some great drumming and a steady bass line to create a great rocker that would fit as well on any release in the bands catalog as it does here.  “Bitch Is Back” is a cool take on the classic rocker, originally performed by Elton John.  Marq’s take on the vocals drives this one out of the park, as do the guitar solos.  The attitude and punch in the bands delivery keeps the original sentiment of the song intact while giving it a rocking BulletBoys flavor and closes the disc in killer form.

Tracklisting: Rollover – Tsunami – Symphony – The Villian – Kin Folk – Saving You From Me – As Dumb As – Superhuman Girl – Drop Your Weapon – Elefante’ – Bitch Is Back





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