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| 12 June 2015 | Reply


Label: Fret12 Records

Release Date: June 9, 2015

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Mark Tremonti has once again stepped behind the mic, with his guitar in hand and created a disc full of rockers that are heavy and fast, unlike some of the other stuff you may be used to hearing from him, unless of course you still listen to All I Was, like we do!  Disc opener “Radical Change” features furious guitar shredding and a heavy bottom end.  The song features cool solos and riffs, but the heavy rhythm section paces the track and sets the course for the disc.  One of Mark’s favorite tracks, “Flying Monkeys,” slows the pace down and features killer vocals from Mark.  Another bonus of this track is the marching thump from the bass of Wolfgang Van Halen.  The tempo of the track shifts at the chorus and bridge, but perfectly fits the mood of the lyrics.  “Arm Yourself” kicks off with a heavy rhythm section and vocals that lead the charge, even when the guitars kick in and give the song an injection of steady shred.  Twin attack on guitar from Tremonti and Eric “Erock” Friedman give the song an added punch.  “Another Heart” is another heavy rocker that gets the heads banging and the foot tapping, with shifts between melodic verses and heavy choruses.  “Tie The Noose” is an ethereal rocker that has some of Mark’s best vocals yet.  The guitars are strong and full, but the steady rhythm section of drummer Garrett Whitlock and bassist Van Halen anchor the track.

Title track “Cauterize” turns the dial on EVERYTHING up to 10… maybe even higher.  The urgency of the track is evident in the thunderous drums, courtesy of Whitlock.  The vocals are strong, the bass steady, and the dual guitar sound adds depth to the track.  The chorus is anthemic and will give fans a reason to sing along when this one is played live.  “Dark Trip” kicks off slow and steady, taking the disc in a different direction, but without derailing the project.  Tremonti’s vocals are emotionally charged and take this song to a higher place, even when the chorus adds a heavy groove, full of droning bass lines.  “Fall Again” opens like many tracks Mark has written in the past for other projects he has been or is affiliated with, but his vocals add a different texture tot eh track, as does the heavier groove during the chorus.  “Sympathy” opens with a cool guitar sound not yet heard on the disc, with a lighter feel and sound.  Whitlock’s drums are steady and build the cadence of the track from verse to chorus and back again.  Disc closer “Providence” takes the disc out on a strong note, not only creating the need to listen to this disc again from the beginning, but also to hear the next 10 tracks to be released later this year when Dust drops.  Mark has again taken the rock he loves and combines it with what he does so well, creating another great disc in his catalog!

Tracklisting: Radical Change – Flying Monkeys – Cauterize – Arm Yourself – Dark Trip – Another Heart – Fall Again – Tie The Noose – Sympathy – Providence





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