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CD Review: AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Hail To The King

| 24 August 2013 | Reply


Label: Warner Brothers

Release Date: August 27, 2013

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Bands that release solid disc after disc impress me.  Bands that seem to get better with each release really impress me… the latest from Avenged Sevenfold falls into the latter category.  Their last three discs have gotten progressively better by leaps and bounds.  “Shepherd Of Fire” opens this disc and there is no denying A7X has brought their A game.  Every component of this track is spot on, from the vocals to the guitars to the drums and bass.  This song should make a great single, but will hopefully make a killer live track.  “Hail To The King” is the lead single and for good reason.  The guitars intro combined with the percussion add a new facet to the bands music.  The drumming is solid here and seems to steer the track.  Once the vocals kick in, the bass seems to pop as well.  “Doing Time” come out of the gate and gets the blood pumping.  The real standout on this track are M. Shadows vocals.  They seem to jump through the speakers and make you take note.  The guitars are a great accompaniment to the track and add a little depth at the bridges.  “This Means War” is a bit slower tempo than the earlier tracks, but by no means is less great of a track.  The rhythm section really seems to come alive during this song.  The bass is solid and the drums are rich in the mix, giving this a solid feel.  “Requiem” is a different track that keeps the tempo a bit slower, but keeps the energy up with the use of chugging rhythm, soaring guitars, and cool background vocals that seem like big choral arrangements.  The song seems to grow from the first note and gets better through the end.

“Crimson Day” starts with a great guitar riff and Shadows’ familiar voice and builds from there.  The vocals are great and emotion filled, but the different textures of the track really make this standout.  When the song kicks in full mode, the bass and drums add to the mix.  This ballad really makes you look differently at this band as performers and writers.  “Heretic” kicks this back up a notch and brings a little of the disc’s opening energy to the middle part of the disc.  The guitars come together and really take this song off the charts.  The band is very cohesive and seem to be firing on all engines.  “Coming Home” is another solid track that seems to have all the pieces of a really good Avenged Sevenfold track.  The vocals and guitars work well with each other to drive the track while the bass and drums keep time and course.  “Planets” has that killer drum tracking that fans of the band have come to love over the years.  The guitars shine and push the song during the bridges and breakdowns, but the rhythm section really shines on this track.  The use of horns adds a little depth to the track just before the guitar solos kick in.  “Acid Rain” closes the disc quite nicely, putting a big shiny metal bow on this package.  The track features all of the components of a great Avenged song, but the real star of this track is M.’s lead vocal.  The man puts his heart and soul into this track and let’s the band carry the song the rest of the way.

If anything, this disc shows the growth and maturity of the band as musicians and writers, while staying true to the concept and legacy that is Avenged Sevenfold.

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